Friday, October 17, 2014

Simple diamond in the square

 I love granny squares . I overheard a conversation in a store .Two ladies where pointing to the most beautiful granny squared blanket .The ladies said

" the granny blanket was so dated and terribly old fashioned and obviously they wouldn't have anything called granny in their home"

I felt really sorry for them. Sorry that a  beautiful word like Granny meant so little to them . To me a granny is the greatest word in the world. It is a club that not everyone as the privilege to be in.
Those poor ladies obviously didn't have a great granny like I did.

 My granny was terribly fashionable .She made all her own clothes and hats .Proper millinery .She made soft furnishings .She reared her own chickens  and grow all her own vegetable, with not a chemical in sight. She rolled her own tobacco she grew the plants.
She cooked like a dream . She had thirteen children so I think she enjoyed a cuddle !!!hehe, She did all that until she died aged 95  Does that granny sound old fashioned, dated?

And so dear friend I found this lovely pattern from here. It is called a simple diamond in a square , which I think is perfectly apt .Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


We have been experiencing a warm September and now we are into October. I for one, am so thankful it's warm and there is that good feeling that the only the sun brings. Everything is so much better if the sun shines don't you think?

 Can you believe we are in October?.  My recent holiday is feeling like it was such along time ago. I got back in July .Is it just me but time seems to be flying by. It seems I have got back to the daily grind of  cooking, paying bills and food shopping that the holiday seems like a lifetime ago. I'm trying to be thankful in life So, I thought I'd  take a bit of time to go through some of my pictures from my two week break in Florida. I'm thankful we can have a holiday in these difficult times.
I really enjoyed myself it totally recharged my batteries. I rest and watched  the world whizz by.  I was in tourist mode. Tourist mode is so wonderful isn't it? everything looks , tastes and smells so much better. From the moment I arrive at an airport the Mr you have been with for 27 years is that delightful man who can make you giggle for hours. I laugh so much more on holiday. Note to self; I must smile more !!!!

 For me the power of scent starts the moment you disembark . The delightful scent of floral and fauna. Even the heat seems to have a scent.
We always head for our favourite place 'Joes crab shack' .Its the first meal we always have .The smell of that first mojito thrills me. We order a steam pot, my goodness it tastes so great. Crab, lobster, andouille sausage, red potatoes and a corn on the cob ,all steamed with old bay seasoning , oh my ,my mouth is watering at the memory,

                                                         The first polar bear I have seen

                       I love a Jolly Rancher, the taste of these make me smile and really wish  they sold them here in the Uk I would have a freezer full if they did. Incidently, They have a packet of sweets ,sugar free Jolly ranchers I love these and would pay a lot for these right now.

The Mr loves all things crocs and alligators,  The collective noun is a congregation of alligators

             I love this picture ,just me and this magnificent creature and a few inches of toughened glass

                                                                   I am so thankful.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything but work

I am supposed to be working. I have a deadline on a pattern. I have tried all day to motivate myself to do it but I have failed. Instead of working I changed the sheets on my bed

 Instead I opened the fridge and stuffed these tiny peppers with cheese and baked then with olive oil and dusted with a little paprika. I steamed artichokes and made a hollandaise. I nibbled my gorgeous squares of Turkish delight and a bowl of watermelon
I played with my new spiralizer, not with very good results. I cleaned the toilet and bathroom and unpacked the  dishwasher , hung up the washing. All this and it is still only 2.30, so I guess I should get back to work. What do you find yourself doing when you are avoiding work?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Flowered dishcloth and a confession.

                          This two balls of yarn are Rico cotton essentials dk.It has sat in my stash for a very long time.
My beautiful daughter bought me this gorgeous orchid and it set me thinking about the colour combo. Nature is the perfect place for inspiration .Just look at all this for inspiration
. I have really loved this pattern I had the perfect yarn .so I set to work

Now ,I am sure you have noticed that the original pattern has 6 petals and mine has seven .I would like to say I did this on purpose, that I cleverly altered the pattern  but I can't, the truth is I crocheted this with a large glass on wine, whilst watching last seasons Downton Abbey .Downton abbey is back and starts on sunday and I have now vowed not to hook during it .

Even though this isn't quite right I like it. I am quite partial to  a little imperfection.

I reading this I have just started so  I can't say very much
Joining in with  Ginnys yarnalong

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catherine Scarf /blanket

I designed this scarf way back in 2012 . It was published in Inside crochet magazine ,Issue 34. This pretty scarf uses a traditional feather and fan lace stitch to great effect, causing the variegated yarn to form stunning zigzag stripes as you work, with minimal effort. There is no reason that this pattern can not be adapted to make larger pieces. Incidently, the yarn used for this is called Kauni
                                    With that in mind I decided to use the same pattern to make a larger piece.
 I am really rather pleased. I used my leftover stylecraft  It is  a pack called the Lucy pack and it contains all these great colours .
 With the yarn I made this Granny stripe blanket back in 2010. My bed is a super king bed and this blanket is huge. I fell so completely in love  with the stripes, the colours and the random nature I crocheted the yarn. I simply used the yarn that came out of the bag in no order .I really enjoyed making this that I decided to make matching pillows. This set is now used for our family picnics. The pillows come in so handy

 I think that my Catherine pattern works so well in these colours .I have blocked it .Everything looks  so much better when it is blocked.
                            The pattern reminds me of the rays of the sun and the undulating waves of the sea.
                                             I find colours and the waves very calming. It is a very easy two row pattern.I finished it off with a two row yellow border .I really like that contrast of the teal and the gold. Incidently,  this is a cot sized blanket
Have you noticed my wonderful collage? One of my favourites bloggers Marianne from Ladybird diaries introduced me to an app called InstaCollage which I have on my phone. It is very simple to use and you just transfer photos from the camera roll on your phone onto the template you want on InstaCollage. It's a free app and perfect . It is great fun you can then share the results via instagram  or save the picture and then I will use it for my blog .It is really clever. Thank you Marianne.
I have been  thinking that it might be a good idea to back it with a lovely piece of fabric ,but my sewing skills are not great and I am not sure how to finihed off the edges, but that is for another day .
I used  a couple of blocking wires and t pins in a bid to get perfectly straight sides. 

                       You  can make a blanket . I have made a wrap in stunning lace weight cashmere .It is perfect for the colder evenings .The  pattern  for my Catherine Scarf is available at  Ravelry  at the bargain price of £1.99.

Not everyone likes bright colours this shows it looks equally stunning in neutral shades.

I am not reading a book this week I'm reading magazines at the moment and I'm really enjoying it.
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