Monday, May 23, 2016

Savour the moment

Hello everyone, I am taking the time to savour the moment . I have been on the Photograghy for makers course . I am throughly enjoying it. I have learnt an enormous amount . I think my head might actually explode , such is the amount I have learnt.  I find myself actually saying ohhh and ahhs as I learn how to control exposure, aperture . These words actually mean something to me now . I'm now saying "imagine the possibilities " , this postcard was a gift from my daughter , perfectly apt .

 Of all the things I have learnt that has meant the most , it is to simply savour the moment . I am looking at the birds and bees , I'm noticing where the light falls on a subject . I am taking mytime-with my  photography and I am really enjoying it so much .  

I have one more week to go and then I'll be free to catch up on all your blogs . I have missed reading about your makes . I find myself often wondering what you are up too. 
I'm sorry but I must dash off and try a few more photos whilst the evening light is changing .

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Visual social media course

Hello dear friends,
I hope you are all well Oh my giddy aunt it has been a month since my last post. I have just returned from a four day break in Dorset . Honestly, there is nothing quite as invigorating than a few days beside the sea. What is it about that moment we see the sea and that little inner child rears it head. I can not swim, I am terrified of the sea, but every time I see the sea I long to strip off and run into it. We had gentle days of crab fishing, strolling along the beach , enjoying beautiful seafood and loads of laughter. I love Dorset.
 I am in a happier place .Recently, I have been feeling (a little bit too regularly )that I just want to run away. I have been feeling out of control.  I'm struggling with blogging and creating a social media presence.
When you work on your own It's  really easy to get stuck in one way of thinking, one way of doing things and whilst these things work ,I felt something was missing. Those little ruts that we keep ourselves in can be comforting but when you poke your head over the edge, I'm not sure I like the view.
I have been on insta for awhile .I used it primarily as an online diary of my weight loss, rather than write down my food in my diary taking a photo was so much easier and it helped me lose 2 stones. I love insta and suddenly a new world has opened up. A picture paints a thousand words and I found my pictures really could do with some work.
It was here that I  first found Emily on instagram. I am a huge fan of her work. Her feed brightened up my day. Any one of her photos make me feel so happy. She has a great gift. I knew then that I wanted to start having photos on my feed and blog that made me feel a little of what I feel when I visit Emily.
 I  have always been a great believer in  the importance of continuing to learn, to challenge yourself with new things. With that in mind  I signed up for an online course with the fabulous Emily Quinton. 

Not bad eh??I am not going to lie  I struggled .I struggled with the idea that pictures should tell a story. I struggled with that idea a lot ,I didn't feel I could take those contrived photos. You know what I mean the ones where everything is perfect, loads of expensive props and very arty. It requires a lot of planning and I felt that in my already hectic life how on earth was I ever going to find the time to 'set a scene'. However, after a few times of doing it, It is beginning to feel a bit easier.

 I've decide that not every picture has to be complicated . I am a less is more type of person and that is what I will do but  always with emilys pointers running through my head. I  have left the course inspired that you can have a creative life that also has focus and balance . It has ignited passion.

 I find myself taking photos of everything, every single day.In fact my family are beginning to get a bit annoyed as I  often stop mid conversation as I notice a beautiful thing. The main thing I have learnt is the importance of natural light. I now understand the spots in my home that have it. It is such fun ,so much so I have enrolled on another course. So thank you Emily.

 It is such fun ,so much so I have enrolled on another course. So thank you Emily. Please do check out The Makelight studio , If online isn't the thing for you she also runs one day workshops. Thank you so much Emily

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inside crochet Issue 76, Boules Necklace

  My my. the weather is so lovely today. I  am sitting outside the coffee shop writing on my ipad enjoying  this beautiful spring day. Being outside having a latte in the sun makes me feel happier. It always feels like I'm holiday. I hope it is warming up where you are.
 Hello mu loves,
I have no idea where time is going, I still can't believe it is April. Easter whizzed by so quickly. I am sorry that I have not been visiting all your blogs , life just gets in the way. As ever I am knee deep in designs and I am also in the middle of having a  deep spring clean. I bought a new bed side table and cleared out the old one, I found a bill in there from 1998, I mean why in god's name would you have a bill that old in my file of paid current bills. Please, tell me I am not the only one.??????

Once I started clearing out I decided I should  tackle the other things on my to do list and 6 black bin bags later . I feel a wee bit better, Decluttering is a wonderful tonic. Plus, it means I now have more space for more yarn, hahaha. In my defence I am a designer, it is all totally work related. Well that is what I tell others, you dear friends know the truth. I simply love yarn and need to be surrounded by the stuff , it comforts me.
 I am very happy to share my latest published design in this month's Inside Crochet.  It is called The Boules necklace ,Inspired after  playing boules with my grandson. We used a colourful children's version .We had great fun .I am finding lots of inspiration seems to be coming from playing with the little one. I am constantly  surrounded with bright and beautiful colours , it is wonderful to see the joy colours can bring. It reminds me how much I do enjoy working with colours . A day with him always results in a new colour combination and design ideas.

 If you are ever stuck for colour ideas I suggest you get a packet of pencils and simply play around. Or get out your balls of yarn make a five round  granny square using colours you normally wouldn't use and try and be random about it , I promise you will be surprised at your results.
I think this pattern is great for those small balls of yarn we all have .I used double knit cotton. I am making one in beautiful blue gradient colours for my jean loving youngest daughter, and a neutral shaded one for myself .The possibilities are endless.
It has suddenly cooled right down, I am off  home to make dinner, tonight I am making a seafood linguine. I  also have some large scallops that I will sizzle in some butter noisette , squeeze of lime .Nom nom.
Have a lovely evening
What are you having for dinner?
all images are copyright@insidecrochet

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear friends ,
 it seems I've finally got rid of the pesky flu ,I'm still coughing but at less it isn't constant. It's Good Friday  I'm not deeply religious ,but my mum is a devout Catholic . She rang last night to remind me to tell the family not to eat meat today , she does this every year I'm not sure why she seems to think I'm not going to observe this rule that has been ingrained in my life forever. It's sweet really I think she thinks I'm still a little girl .

My my ,what a beautiful sunny morning .We started the day with smoked salmon and eggs with delicious hazelnut coffee. It will end today with good old fish n chips . Haddock for me with freshly made tartare sauce and lemon . I'm spending the day blogging , catching up with your blogs and some hooky goodness tonight .
Lately I have been feeling desperate to work with pastel colours . It's something I've never felt drawn to in the past . Even when my daughter was expecting I didn't make a thing in the usual pastel tones ,rather, I plumped on a vivid rainbow coloured blanket using my Catherine pattern.

I spotted this yarn on Instagram ,it's  from the three bears yarn website . It's cotton called affection. It is a double knit . 

. I'm not going to lie I did struggle with the pastel tones ,a life time of not using pastel colours  is difficult to overcome. I'm one who prefers deeper tones but  I persevered .I once again settled on my Catherine pattern , I think it looks rather good, don't you ? 
Two rows of pastel followed by a row of white breaks it all up and makes it harmonious and pleasing to my eye . I love the undulating pattern , it's very addictive . I think I'm warming to the pastel shades, incidentally , my Catherine pattern is available  on Ravelry if you go to my side bar you can ether click on the image or go to 'buy my designs on Ravelry sign ' at the very top of my blog .
 I leave you with this cute image from Pinterest . Wishing you a very Happy Easter .

Monday, March 14, 2016

Inside crochet magazine Issue 75 , Gadget Cover

 Hello lovely people, hope you are well?
 I have been away for a while as I caught that dreaded flu bug thing that everyone seems to have caught. I have been sick for three weeks .In that time antibiotics, flu capsules have been taken. I have drunk copious amounts  of  honey, lemon and ginger tea .Finally I feel a little bit more like me.

I'm presenting my latest design, a bright tech cover. Have you noticed those beautiful yellow satchel fasteners? Great aren't they ? I think they make the  other colours really pop.  The addition of these fasteners makes this a very fashionable modern piece .I love the editors description of my project. This has to be one of my favourite designs I really enjoyed making this. This is for my kindle however, I am now making one for the ipad  but I think I might  use red  satchel fastening and  border it in red this time. As with all my pattern it is an very easy pattern and it can be adapted to fit any gadget.

 I love the styling  and photography . I used Schachenmayr Catania 100% cotton. I love this stuff, it comes in the most delightful array of colours.
  Inside Crochet magazine is available at many retailers. You can also  order direct  from their own website.  Inside Crochet   .
                                   All  images are copyright@Insidecrochet

That's it for now dear friends as I am now going to spend make some green tea, eat a slice of cake  whilst catching up with all your lovely blogs .Have a lovely day.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Diamond in a square

I can not quite believe it is February .Once again time keeps flying by. I am so busy . I am struggling to keep to my plans. I have had to start  yet another notebook  in order to help me prioritise. Designing, looking after my home, shopping and trying to find a moment to  simply be, is getting harder and harder.  All I an say is thank goodness I can crochet during these moments of stressful living
At times like these I always like to play around with different granny squares .I do love granny squares they can be as easy or as complicated as you like. They are a small project I can commit to. They don't make me feel any guilt that I ought to be doing something more important. Hopefully one day I will fulfil my dream of sewing them all together to create a comprehensive crochet stitch dictionary blanket.
 I came up with this diamond in a square. I used  4ply crochet cotton a 3.5mm hook. Sometimes it can be intriguing to go to your yarn stash and pick colours that you would not normally put together. I must say I rather like this combination. I like coral but whenever I make something with it I always seem to unravel it ,somehow the tones just don't suit me, or they simply don't fit into my home.

I am joining in with Jennifer's linky party. Please do check out all the wonderful projects others are making. Thank you Jennifer for hosting it.



Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Are you a craft hoarder?

I have been  buying ,'collecting' yarn for years , others might call it obsessively hoarding , (That is what my family think) . Secretly, I agree when you start hiding yarn  you have a problem. However, I would never admit this. In fact I think I might just delete this paragraph , if  I didn't say it, write it then  it isn't true, don't you agree? . Anyway, hoarder, collector , squirrel , whatever you want to call me I will invariably not find that perfect skein/ ball for my projects .

One of my favourite blogs is  Mereknits blog .This lady knits so fast I'm always blown away by her fantastic super fast fingers .She made a zickzack scarf .I have had this stunning scarf in my list over on Ravelry forever. So I opened the  six floor to ceiling wool /yarn cupboards and believe me I searched for three days and every ball of yarn I pulled out was yes, you guessed it, not quite right. I swear I tried really really hard to find the perfect skein but it was too no avail. What was this girl to do ?? buy some more yarn of course. Mereknits, it is all your fault, hehe.

I ordered the suggested yarn from here  ,please be warned  don't visit here  if you are on yarn diet or you are a hoarder or you are trying to 'bust that stash' ,they are on sale and they deliver really quickly.

After this blog post I have unravelled this piece as I can not ignore my mistakes. , why does the phone ring, or why does the Mr or girls ask me a question whenever I tell them I'm off to knit and I don't want to be disturbed ? as you are all aware  knitting is a bugger to unravel, I know that's why I prefer to crochet , mistakes are so easily rectified.
I love the way this piece develops .I am so eager to see the colours unfold . I am a sucker for patterns that produce complicated looking pieces of art work but are in  actual fact a very pattern repeat. Bravo , to the wonderful designer.
So the question remains ,are you a hoarder?