Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Inside Crochet Issue 69

Hello, It has been awhile since I have updated my blog .Time seems to be flying by .I am knee deep in yarn. I am either designing or pattern writing, as  well as sewing in all those pesky yarns ends .Its hard for us all trying to juggle all these hats we all have to have. 
This months Inside crochet is out now. If you scroll down the link page you will see thumbnails of all this months patterns.

My Gaudi cowl is one of the published patterns. Inspired by my love of textured architecture. One of my favourite buildings is the stunning Sagrada Familia Cathedral - by Gaudi in Barcelona.
This wonderful Knight is by the wonderfully talented Annilies baes. I really want to make one for my little grandson. I have never in all the time I have been crocheting made a toy, but when I saw this I knew he simply must have one.
There are so many patterns  I love in this months mag . this great  slouchy hat by Simone Francis, is the perfect shape for me. I wear a lot of hats I find a slouchy hat perfect.
 I adore crocheted socks and these welly socks  by Vicky Brown are perfect for those colder months ahead.  Do check out the magazine I am sure there will be something that tickles your fancy.
I am off to put my cooks hat on dinner needs to be made .
Have a lovely day whatever hat you put on.
All images are copyright by Lucy Williams

Monday, August 03, 2015

Mindless crochet

Hello my dears,
I have finally returned to normal mode . I've stopped daydreaming about being back on the seafront . Feet in the sea sipping my mojito , ahhh . It was bliss , but I'm back to normal and of course normal usually involves spending money. The day we go on holiday the extractor fan in the bathroom conked out. I ve never really thought about the extractor fan until it stopped making that little noise . I never considered how much they do .it isn't until you come out off the shower to a misty steaming room do you realise the extractor is essential. Pleased to say man came round and very quickly installed a brand new quieter model. Whoopee .

I've been on a stash busting mission . I opened my cotton cupboard and delved into the cottony abyss .Peaches  and cream is an American brand that I bought way back in 2005 . I only know this as I used to be quite efficient with my yarn note taking. I'd write the date and place on the back of the ball band, that was yesteryear ,now it's all dumped into different fibre cupboards . My yarn stash is out of control I have fantasies that someone from Pinterest will come in and sort my stash . If you have never done this before I urge you to search "organise yarn" . You will feel inspired and if you're like me a bit depressed as the thought of organising your stash that way would probably take forever. Hehe !!

So what does a girl do?  Does she start organising ,de cluttering ? Of course she didn't she makes cup of green tea grabs her hook and does some mindless mandala dishcloths . This yarn is very thick and they are large sized . I'm made one for kitchen and one for the bathroom.what have you been making ??

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sunday Market

 For us as a family ,a holiday does not really start until we visit the local food market. We visited Marsaxlokk  a Sunday market a few hours away from our hotel. It was totally worth it. It is a large market that lies on the edge of the harbour a stunning location

     I kid you not these boats are real. Beautifully coloured boats bobbing about. Isn't it stunning? It feels like a painting doesn't it? these boats are called luzzi . standing on the harbour with my camera I felt as if I had fallen into a box of  rainbow  coloured wool.
It is a fish /seafood foodie lovers heaven.
 It is quite a long market filled with lots of food and of course the usual tourist souvenir sellers. I am ashamed to say I forgot to take pictures of all the beautiful crochet lace in the market, can you believe it I forgot to take  picture of crochet stalls. At least nine sellers filling with the most stunning Maltese lace.

                          Swordfish is extremely popular here, I adore it.
 This image fills me with delight, this is how I like my vegetables, misshapen, imperfect full of juicy goodness . I could not get enough of these on holiday. Why do we in the UK shun what others around the world know is the best fruit? I think this is why when I am home I prefer farmers markets. I buy for taste not what looks good .

I made this gorgeous crostini today in honour of the delightful  ones we devoured on holiday. It is simply good bread  toasted by that I mean none of that white sliced stuff. Don't get me wrong ~I think a white slice has its place , a bacon sandwich would not be a bacon sandwich without it.
Chopped tomatoes, a handful of capers, (malta has lots of capers,) chopped onion, basil, lemon juice , chopped green olives .Ġbejniet  is a Maltese cheese . It is a round small cheese made from goats milk or sheep's milk.I didn't have any so I substituted goats cheese instead.
Mix all these ingredients in a bowl .Season with black pepper and salt .I rubbed the bread with a clove of raw garlic and drizzled some olive oil. It is delicious. I didn't have any so I substituted goats cheese instead
Incidentally if you fancy having a go at making the cheese I found this recipe
I found this poem on this fabulous blog .It sums up perfectly how I feel about Malta
A Reluctant Love Poem
Mhux Veru
( pronounced moosh veruu) : an un-truth in Maltese
I do not 
miss you
Your dusty roads....
Your stretching fig tree arms over ancient rubble walls....
Your wild purple poppies and artichoke fields
Your open windowed gallerias
Your one eyed observing stray cats 
Your chariot like carts, held by weathered old hands, along the quiet back roads.
Your silent city on the hill, still wrapped in golden grandeur
Your old women on door stoops, catching the evening breezes
Your bright colored luzzi gently rocking in the Marsaskala bay
Your Imqaret, still hot in the hand smelling of dates and cloves
Your gbejna, peppered and fresh from the goat farm
Your Hobz biz Zejt, to eat by the sea
Miss you
I do

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crocheting socks


Hello my lovelies, I hope we you are well and that the hay fever isn't bothering you too much, I don't suffer from it myself but everyone here does. I really feel for those who suffer it can make simply going to work hell , as my Mr likes to tell me 

I am having quite a few problems with blogger I cant seem to  resize my pictures so please excuse these tiny pics. Is any one else having problems?. I cant  post and I'm struggling to update all reading list .It is beginning to bother me so much so Im considering moving to another host.
I made this one side of sock with a skein of yarn from uk dyer
I am sure you noticed I said I only made one side .I adore random dyed yarns and I am constantly seduced by them however,I must say I do struggle with them .they look beautiful in a skein but I find with crochet they seem to pool in a way I don't find pleasing to the eye .I don't like the movement of colour. As much as I find knitting a long process I think stocking stitch makes the best of these types of yarn.. What are you making at the moment ???

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Postman always ring twice

I'm smiling right now, the postman has just delivered a new parcel of yarn, if you believe in coincidences how's this, it happened to be the same postman that delivered my last parcel from Germany yarn company ,way back in May 2013. silly I know , but it didn't half make me chuckle.

47 balls of my favourite cotton.  Over the last few days I have been looking at some of my work and I shared with you in the last post my shawl that I made with this stuff. I had quite a lot of leftovers that I decided to make my grandson a blanket I have just finishing the border and he is using it as we speak .I will share photos but this parcel has got me in a tizzy.

 I have a Mr that  has only ever wears a  Navy, black, brown scarfs and he always asks me to make him an entire scarf in one colour .For us that love yarn ,love colour I cant find anything more soul destroying and mundane as working in one colour. Needless to say I don't  make him very much.

Anyway, the Mr  said that my shawl is so nice if I made it the minus all the really bright colours, definitely no pink and he didn't want a flower motif,  he would like one. Yes, he actually said he would wear  a granny square scarf with colour. Well, you can knock me down with a feather. One thing leads to another and before he changes his mind I decided to visit the website and what do you know they have a sale. Catania yarn from here.

            47 balls , I settled on these sets for him I will be adding a bit of yellow to warm it up, but don't tell him .

I decide to buy most of the colours because, well you just have to have the lot don't you??.A rainbow isn't complete without every colour. I am so excited I have taken out my fancy pants camera .I bought it a few years back I rarely use it now as we all seem to use  camera phones. However, there is no denying it takes fab photos. The top two picture are from my phone ,the rest are taken with my camera.

                                          I love the clarity , I think I  will start using it again. Right , I'm off to get some granny square inspiration. Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New blanket

Way back in October 2013, I bought some yarn from here. This yarn is the most delightful cotton ever. The colours are so mesmerizing I could just stare at them all day.

 I made my most favourite shawl ever, its a big thing  .I had made it to wear on the airplane as a shawl that would also be useful as a light blanket , however it is so heavy and too hot for the plane. I have ended up using it in the winter and it brightens those wet cold days.
 Gosh, I love this shawl. I adore the way the colours are so harmonious.Normally, I sit for hours trying to work out the best combinations for each square , it takes a lot of time  . With this one I simply put them in colour groups ie, shades/hues of blues, greens etc . With every completed square a smug smile was on my face.

                          I added the same pom pom edging I used for my Houndstooth scarf .I love bobbles/ pompoms they are frivolous and fabulous

I was bought up in a roman catholic home .Mother was very insistent that we were roman catholics, sometimes parents can be such snobs .Whatever she called it  I really hated going to mass. I thought churches were very scary, it  was filled with creepy rituals and the very distinct smell from the thurible can still make me feel uncomfortable.
I recently looked at my shawl and it suddenly reminding me  of all the stain glass in all the churches, cathedrals I prayed at. The one thing I did enjoy in church were the wonderfully elaborate stained glass .I loved the way the sunlight on the glass would give of an incredible display of colour and in the evening the  same piece looked so different ,darker .
Even if you’re not a church goer ,not sure this is even a word??  it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of  Churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship .They are quite beautiful,
 Images  from google

I had quite a lot of yarn leftover from my shawl  I have decided to make a blanket from my grandson. It's a simple circle in the square motif. Every circle thrills me to make. Please excuse the grainy quality of these photos I took them on my phone .Once its finished I will of course share . I have decided to use the technique and make every  line hues of blue, green etc.

I have almost finished, a few more lines and then those blooming sewing in  of all the ends. I am curious to know if you sew all the ends as you go ,or are you like me , leave it  all to the end ?????
As soon as I've finished I will share it all, hope you had a lovely weekend

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hello, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather. I certainly am, there is nothing as nice as having the sun beaming through the blinds. I love opening the back door and the sky looks so blue. I don't have a garden I just have a balcony that I grow a few pots of herbs oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage but it make makes so happy to see them really thrive in this great weather . I think that is why I love blogs so much, I can pop over to your blogs and enjoy all  your beautiful photos of your stunning gardens, so thank you for sharing. It just makes me feel happier.
 When I was a little girl many many years ago in primary school , I was introduced to the magic of weaving . I remember being amazed that by simply weaving threads, intricate patterns could be achieved.
I woke up the other morning eager to recreate that feeling. I made a grid pattern  in cream and then I made a very long chain in the other colour . It was then a case of sitting down with a coffee and a homemade flapjack and off I went weaving over and under. I can't tell how addictive this is. I'm sure you will agree that when you use a random dyed yarn you get a beautiful fabric. I've made quite a few ,I just cant stop . I am going to weave in the other direction to try and made a plaid pattern I will share the results when I do.

 I found an interesting website called The Plaidmaker . My goodness this place is fun . I'm off to plaid .hehe.