Thursday, November 17, 2016

Inside Crochet issue 83

Hello my dear friends,
It has been very difficult to blog, My laptop died and my mac kept throwing me out ,making it impossible to blog. Its all gone mad here. Everything I write my blog I keep saying where does time go? I am noticing that I sound more and more like my mum. We have had my grandsons birthday , fireworks, and now I have been hit by that awful bug , week three and I'm still coughing .
Sickness aside , I am very happy to show you my latest design , a little blue bag. I love taking crochet to  new levels adding handles and handbag fastenings. The bag is made from  cotton tshirt material and a large crochet hook.

A pretty small bag perfect for those moments when you only need to carry a lipstick , your mobile and keys ,not forgetting the tissues. I really can not go anywhere without a tissue. What's your must  have item in a small bag ?
Goodness me I love the styling by the fabulous Claire Montgomerie. All photos are  @lucymakesmyheartskip

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yarndale 2016

Presenting the famous crochet bunting.
Hello my loves, hope you are well. As for me I am deliriously happy I managed to go to Yarndale. It is in Skipton, North Yorkshire. I live in London 268 miles away from the event.  I always wanted to go but it always seemed so far away .The night before I casually mentioned to the Mr if he consider driving me there . I was actually expecting him to say no but the man from delmonte said yes.
I am sure you know at this point I nearly jumped up and down. I set about organising packed lunch and packed an overnight bag .We decided we would spent the night .
We set off at 7am leaving enough time for toilet stops and coffee breaks. I love the motorway to see the scenery change .You certainly know you are in the land of wool simply by the amount of sheep in almost every field . It so great leaving the hustle and bustle of London for the dreamy landscapes.

Whoopee, Im in . At this point I feel like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the chocolate factory, my golden ticket is this wrist band. I walked through the gate and wow .I am totally blown away. The planning I had done in the car suddenly went out of the window .I became that child in a sweet aisle.

Can you feel it ??? the sheer excitement of being here. I set off looking for the yarndale merchandise stall .first thing a lady shopping needs is a yarndale bag. am I allowed to skip ???
        Bag purchased and two pens. You can never have too many pens don't you agree?


Beautful  Knit by numbers yarn .A gorgous rainbows of colour from the fabulous John Arbon Mill

midwinter yarns

                                                  The yarndale sheep

I visited the Inside Crochet team

And of course it would not be Yarndale without another picture of the delightful bunting. these are just a few of the pictures I took a lot . I haven't taken a picture of what I bought yet they are sitting happily in my bag .I like to save looking at it on one of those bleak days when I need cheering up . As soon as I do I promise I will share .
Have a lovely day .

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Inside crochet issue 81 ,Granny square shopper

Hello dear friends.
I hope you are all well. Did you have a good summer? I did but my goodness summer has whizzed by and autumn  my favourite season ,is upon us. I truly love the colder seasons I guess that's the reason I love yarn. Nothing makes me happier then putting away the light cottons ,linens of spring and summer and delving into my beautiful wintery yarns. 
We have had a very busy time my youngest daughter graduated in politics. I am a very proud mother of two graduates. My work here is done. (I am doing a mini dance.) I am so proud of them both. My parents really stressed that to survive in this world you should either have a trade/skill or you get  a educated, so your earning potential is much better and the opportunities abroad would be better for you. My parents were right, my giddy aunt , you know you are getting old when you start to  think all your parents advice was right.
 This month's Inside Crochet Magazine is out. Once again I am thrilled that my design is one of the many fabulous designs featured.  even after all this time I still have to pinch myself when I see the  magazine everywhere in supermarkets , newsagents. I don't think I will ever get used to it. I think that the time I get blasé about it ,it might be time to give up. I love what do.

My granny square shopper uses double knit cotton . I get great pleasure taking the old craft of crochet  and adding my own  modern contemporary touch. The bright yellow faux handles are not only beautiful but they are practical .The bag is lined making the bag very sturdy. However, if I am honest I really  struggled with the lining I am not the best at sewing . The amount of times I have said I ought to enrol on a sewing course but I never seem to find the time.
Goodness me , I do love the styling .It always gives my designs a life, does that make sense ? I know a bag is inanimate object but when its features in different surroundings it becomes animate, I promise I am not drinking wine, hehe, Its just how I feel about the right kind of styling.

For instance, I designed the bag because I got fed up with being charged for a carrier bag, I designed a pretty practical bag that I would not forget. If this bag was styled at the supermarket till It wouldn't be as pretty as the styling above, see what I mean ?
All images are the property  @mavricphotography , 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hello dear friends , I hope you are well .I have been neglecting the one place I really love and that's my blog . It is very hard to get the correct balance . I'm really enjoying Instagram , trying very hard to get to grips with Twitter and other social media . I know I am not alone in wishing i didn't need to sleep , can you tell me why I can't have two sets of hands ? It would certainly make life easier. I'm feeling very guilty and I am ashamed to admit I am neglecting my mum. I phone as often as I can but I really need to get myself around there a bit more . Im filled with constant guilt , I guess that's the life of a catholic . 

Guilt aside , I really enjoy creating mood-boards I have always done them but never ever thought to share , until now . Often it isn't yarn that trigger my moodboard .In this picture it was the hand blown egg I bought years ago in The South of France . My latest yarn purchase contrasts perfectly with it . It's from a fabulous lady calling herself the perfectly apt The Wool Kitchen , as she dyes her yarn in her kitchen . This
gradient blue jeany yarn is so soft . I can't wait to use it . From here I stroll around the house grabbing this and that . In this months issue of Inside crochet  Magazine you get these yellow crochet hook , mini blue scissors  I'm drying dahlias flowers at the moment the yellow looks great here . On and on I go until I'm happy . I do love these board .
As you can see the moodboard has ended up as a knitted  scarf for my grandson .  I'm knitting with Rowans denim yarn . I have used this yarn years ago but I recently bought some , it looks great after every wash as it fades just like jeans , it will be perfect for my little man. I will make a few yellow balloons as the contrast . 

Goodness me I have just realised I have a date with my daughter , we are off shopping for her graduation , I'm so excited . Kisses to you all .

Friday, June 24, 2016

Three happy things

I m busy these evenings making myself some crocheted sockettes. I m not sure what they are called but they aren't full socks or ankle socks either. I wear them in the house . I love making them .i am calling it operation sock drawer , in the aim that I will one day have a bottom sock drawer filled with them , well a girl can dream, can't see? 
For years I make mood boards for my designs almost anything can trigger me . This one was the rubber duck that belongs to my little man . He loves his rubber ducks . Off I go around the house looking for things to add to the yellow mood board . Hooks , pen, lemon ,blooms washi tape , scissors Shall I tell you something I ended up designing something not in yellow but I loved the bit of blue felt and I went to my stash to find the perfect skein. As I said inspiration comes in ways you least expect.
I love Regent's Park and I often visit in the warmer months to look at the glorious riot of colour  that they plant. It's like a sea of roses in the most beautiful shades. I could spend all day taking photos and smelling the delicate fragrance that is simply roses. What's your favourite rose..?
Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crochet flower

Hello my lovely friends , hope you are all good and I'm sure you are enjoying the weather. Here in London we are getting a glimpse of sunny days. I've been embracing it . We have driven down to the seaside . I have not been to Southend since my daughter was 6 , twenty odd years ago. Oh we had a great day the Mr and I . We dined at restaurant with a view of the sea . Had a Fentimans ginger beer with haddock and chips and tartare sauce . Yummy . A stroll along the pebbly beach ,taking all the sights and sounds of a busy kitsch seaside . 
We bought some rocks and some lovely fudge , it was a lovely day.
Some days I can crochet and design all day . Planning ,writing , blogging making sure my social media platforms are up to date and other days I simply cannot help but play . At the moment I am addicted to making these crochet puff flowers . A while back I designed my Blommor bracelet 

This pattern is one of my favourite designs . I constantly made and gift this design for friends. I often personalise them to each persons favourite colour, I will make it in hues of that colour . It looks very effective. I  am offering this pattern for sale over on Ravelry  .

Have a lovely day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Savour the moment

Hello everyone, I am taking the time to savour the moment . I have been on the Photograghy for makers course . I am throughly enjoying it. I have learnt an enormous amount . I think my head might actually explode , such is the amount I have learnt.  I find myself actually saying ohhh and ahhs as I learn how to control exposure, aperture . These words actually mean something to me now . I'm now saying "imagine the possibilities " , this postcard was a gift from my daughter , perfectly apt .

 Of all the things I have learnt that has meant the most , it is to simply savour the moment . I am looking at the birds and bees , I'm noticing where the light falls on a subject . I am taking mytime-with my  photography and I am really enjoying it so much .  

I have one more week to go and then I'll be free to catch up on all your blogs . I have missed reading about your makes . I find myself often wondering what you are up too. 
I'm sorry but I must dash off and try a few more photos whilst the evening light is changing .