Monday, November 09, 2015

Wnter project link party

I am working on a few gifts for friends, who don't read my blog, hehe. A quick brooch, I know I should crochet the leaves but I simply don't have the time, I have added a  plastic but realistic piece of foliage. I have added a brooch back and a button from my huge collection of buttons. I must confess I have a problem with buttons. If anyone is throwing clothes away I ask if I can have the buttons. I am convinced  will use them all , one day.
           I  have not decided if I like the small leaves or the larger one.
I am joining in with the winter project link party over at Thistlebear. It is always lovely to see what others are working on. Thank you to Bronwyn who has suggested I should use a black button as use it on  remembrance day.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Free Crochet cowl pattern

My giddy aunt, it is November already. I am sure like me you are wondering what happened to October. When I was a little girl I would often hear my mother and her best friends sit and say
 'Doesn't time fly'  they would then go on and on about how quickly I have grown, how could it be Christmas already?  etc. I remember thinking that in my opinion, time didn't fly it took forever ,as all I longed for was our summer holiday and my annual trip to Devon .Didn't it seem to take forever for the summer holidays to come? Did it not feel that the school year sept to june took a life time? I remember desperately wanted to turn fifteen so I could have saturday job , I swear I was fourteen and a half forever. Forever was a word I used a lot and it meant forever.

Oh my, hasn't it changed. My eldest is in her final year at university, my beautiful grandson is a one year old . It seems that the days are so short I cant find enough hours in the day to do what I need to do. I often say I'll sleep when I am dead. I think I must concede my mum was right ,in  fact she was right about most things, time does fly.

At the start of the year I vowed Christmas wouldn't catch me again. I complied a list of what I needed to achieve. I vowed that all my handmade gifts would be finished by November. I bet you have guessed that the list was  a pointless exercise . If like me you are stuck I offer you this pattern in a bid to give at least a couple of people something more than a washcloth and a bar of l'occuitane soap, hehe.

I wrote this pattern way back in 2010 .A very simple and gratifying project using a conservative amount of your yarn . In no time at all you’ll have a stylish  and useful accessory that will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions.
It is made in gorgeous aran weight wool from Rowan yarns.I have used this pattern for years .It's my go to pattern for quick and easy gift I thought I'd share it with you in the hope it will become your go to quick gift pattern. Very handy for those last minute Christmas gifts .

 186 yards (170 meters)
5mm hook
Pattern uses 3 balls
Colour; cream

A very simple and gratifying project using a conservative amount of your yarn . In no time at all you’ll have a stylish accessory that will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions.I made his cowl in gorgeous aran weight wool .I have used this pattern for years .It's my go to pattern for quick and easy gift I thought I'd share it with you in the hope it will become your go to quick gift pattern. It is always received with pleasure

.It is so warm and cosy you substitute any weight yarn the pattern looks lovely whatever yarn you use .I have made this with kid silk haze and some swarkowski crystal threaded on to yarn and it is so beautiful. It looks really good in those super chunky yarn, using those yarns makes it an even quicker make

It is just a one row repeat .Chain whatever length you like, I believe we all like different sized cowls so I never specify an amount. Just  make some chains  and check the length around your neck, perhaps you'd like it to go round  two or three times around your neck.
 You are working in the round. If you prefer you can make this a scarf and then join afterwards, if you twist this 180* and then join you will have a made a Mobius cowl.

Row 1; In 2nd ch from the hook  make 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog ,all in the same stitch , skip 2ch , 2trtog, 2ch, 2trtog in the next, skip 2ch, repeat  to end , join with a slip st.

 Row  2; 3ch and now work 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog  in the 2ch space of previous 2trtog, 2ch ,2trtog ,make sure you don't do the stitch in the skip 2ch but the 2ch between the 2trtog .

 Work  row 2  for 15 or so rows.

For the crochet Rose pattern head over to Nezumiworld

  This pattern is for personal use only. It may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or altered in way without express permission. Please do not reproduce this pattern to sell and/or sell any garment that you make using this pattern.

Happy crocheting!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Maltese Shawl

Hello dear friends,
Things have been very busy. I have been knee deep in  crochet design. I'm struggling with blogging at the moment .There is so much Id like to share but recently I'm having  problems with time management .

Way back in July, goodness me doesn't time fly? End of October already. I started  yet another project. This time it was a bit of mindless knitting. I needed something to keep me occupied in those endless hours of waiting at the airport , hotel transfers, waiting for your room to be ready ,waiting ,waiting, waiting. I do love a holiday but I often wonder why we all put up with the waiting.

 I am so glad I can fill those hours with crochet or knit. People often say they would love to have the time to knit/crochet they are so busy. It often makes me feel that somehow I'm lazy, as how on earth do I have the time to knit. Don't they understand that I have the same time constraints, commitments, but I  choose to use those moments that we all spend waiting , queuing a bit ore productively .

I always have a project close to hand to fill in those ten minutes. A row or two or even one or two stitches made in those moments means that I am actually doing more. In a bid to do even more I listen to books from audible in those boring queuing moments . If you haven't tried it yet I urge you to start ,cast on right now and pack it in your handbag.Every time you are waiting  do a row or whatever the time permits. you will be surprised at what you will make, you'll even look forward to the queues. Life is far too short , I'll sleep when I am dead as the old saying goes.

Well back to the shawl . Its a free pattern from good old Ravelry it is called  Like a leaf on the wind. I really enjoyed making this shawl .There is something very soothing about garter stitch , row upon row of mindless knit stitch. A bit of interest is provided with the lovely picot edging ,such fun.
I altered the pattern slightly leaving out the slit ,and I didn't want the picot edging on all three sides. I added a lovely tassels from this wonderful tutorial from Purl soho website. 
The yarn I used for this project is a gloriously soft and squishy yarn from Madelinetosh Pashmina. A superb 3-ply yarn made up of 75% superwash merino wool, 15% silk and 10% cashmere, a similar fibre blend to the woven pashmina scarves .I have had this  for ages it is now a discontinued colour. I was quite sad as I wanted to make a matching hat for my grandson. You would think I would  know better I usually have two skeins of yarn as I hate those pesky small shawls .I bought mine from  Loop yarn London.

As yet I have not decided if I should block it .I quite like the way it feels and looks unblocked. what do you think  to block , or not?
What are you making?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekend in Brighton

 Hello dear friends, hope you are all well .If you are in the UK I am guessing by now you've been relaxing in the evenings under one of your numerous blankets, perhaps you've lit the fireplace or turn the thermostat up .My two favourite seasons autumn and winter are back and I'm in heaven .I love blankets, wearing woolly knits ,layering , boots , gloves , scarves , hats .i guess that's why I love yarn. 


Over the bank holiday in August the Notting hill carnival takes place .I always go away I use to live on the doorstep of this event and we hate the crowds and the noise so we started to go away . We moved away from the area seven years now but the habit of our annual weekend away has remained . We decided to visit Brighton , we haven't been in years . 

I can't wait to take my grandson to visit Brighton the sights and smells stay with you , once you've visited a seaside town you never forget it .This was a grown up weekend but next time we will ride the carousel together and run amongst the pebbles .

                                                This reminds me of a row buttons 
                                   On closer examination it's a log of wood circled in metal

                                                            Wooden ducks 

In the arcades this was the slot machine that made me  lick my lips ,love hearts, Parma violets, refreshers , mmmm. I didn't win 

It is the law that when you go to the seaside you must have fish n chips 

                                                  A hot freshly fried sugared donut 
And a pot of prawns , don't you agree 

This bird flew at my shrimps ,I must tell you I screamed , hehe 

I love boats

                                                      Rusty metal I adore you

                                                            A metal chain stitch

                          The day ended with pillowy soft melt in your mouth candy floss 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Inside Crochet Issue 69

Hello, It has been awhile since I have updated my blog .Time seems to be flying by .I am knee deep in yarn. I am either designing or pattern writing, as  well as sewing in all those pesky yarns ends .Its hard for us all trying to juggle all these hats we all have to have. 
This months Inside crochet is out now. If you scroll down the link page you will see thumbnails of all this months patterns.

My Gaudi cowl is one of the published patterns. Inspired by my love of textured architecture. One of my favourite buildings is the stunning Sagrada Familia Cathedral - by Gaudi in Barcelona.
This wonderful Knight is by the wonderfully talented Annilies baes. I really want to make one for my little grandson. I have never in all the time I have been crocheting made a toy, but when I saw this I knew he simply must have one.
There are so many patterns  I love in this months mag . this great  slouchy hat by Simone Francis, is the perfect shape for me. I wear a lot of hats I find a slouchy hat perfect.
 I adore crocheted socks and these welly socks  by Vicky Brown are perfect for those colder months ahead.  Do check out the magazine I am sure there will be something that tickles your fancy.
I am off to put my cooks hat on dinner needs to be made .
Have a lovely day whatever hat you put on.
All images are copyright by Lucy Williams