Friday, November 13, 2009

Recycled plastic carton plant pot

I've talked alot about the trouble the environment is having with plastic.The hyperbolic coral crochet workshop taught me about the plight of our seas that are slowly suffocating .I'm still amazed at how thoughtless some people are.

.How can we all just go on day after day buying more and more products wrapped in plastic. I'm not perfect but I do have a bag at the door for plastic stuff and newspapers.When you start to do this is seems like a big task but I can say it really isn't.We all have to do our bit .

I have noticed there are lots of blogs, websites that offer ideas for being frugal. I have been frugal way before it became fashionable, it's over 21 years. Having children has meant that I have had to make every penny count.I suppose that's where my love of crafting began, it was born out of necessity.I made my curtains , sofa cushions, Lots of clothes .

It was while I was sorting my recycling that I had a 'eureka 'moment . I decided to make something useful with my milk cartons. I'm very pleased with the results .It is a great sized vase for my pot of basil .It is so versatile it has many uses, in the kitchen, it can hold cutlery, in the bathroom toothbrush holder, craft room holding your crochet hooks. Once you have made one you'll find you don't know how you managed without it for so long.
This is scarcely a pattern just what I did. You can use any type of stitch you like, any yarn type , any colour be it one block of colour, or stripes of different colours it can be as vivid or as muted.. use up those yarn scraps.Co ordinate your rooms with matching accessories.
Have fun!!!!!

You will need;

plastic milk carton, cut in half (you should have a square container.)

Crochet hook

Parcel string.

Note; The yarn and the hook size depends on what you are working with.

Gauge is not necessary.

Chain as many stitches needed to fit snugly around the bottle. All you now have to do is dc/tr in every stitch to end .Do not crochet the base as it will make the vase unstable. Continue making rows until you are at the top of the bottle Sew the side seam together . That's it , quick easy pattern..
Have fun

Permission is given to use this pattern for personal use.Please do not use this pattern for commercial use.


  1. super idea, looks great and is good for the environment

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