Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Crochet hair clip pattern

Picture this scenario, you've just come back with an adorable ball of gorgeousness, you want to make something but you cant be bothered with tension. This quick and easy pattern fulfilles the urge to make something now!

Dont you just love my model, he was the only one available at 3am.

Materials ;

1 hairgrip, or slide

less than 10g

hook; any size appropiate to the yarn

1 bit of embellishment, you can use a button, beads .I used a diamonte bead


Not im.portant just crochet it


Make five chain and join with a slip stitch.

1ch .(*1dc ,1tr, 1dc**) in first ch, repeat from*to ** in the remaining 4ch.

1ss in the first dc of the round, fasten off.

Sew the bead into the centre of the flower. To attach the flower to the grip just put the grip through a couple of the loops on the wrong side of the flower. You could use glue, but I like the first method as it allows the flowers to be interchangeable . I make loads of them for my daughter to match her outfits. you can ring changes by added two flowers on the grip of different sizes just lenghten the stitch (hdc, triple triple,hdc) in fact any combination as long as stitch 1 and 3 are the shorter then stitch 2.

Hope you enjoy this.


  1. Thanks for posting this pattern, this will make wonderful stocking stuffers for my 6 granddaughters.

  2. I added this project and thumbnail to our site and linked to you. We are looking for more flowers as well as other crochet patterns, so if you have any similar projects please feel free to let me know.

  3. My granddaughter, age 8 has an idea to decorate hair clips to sell. This will be a fantastic way for me to nurture her entreprenureal spirit. She has asked me to teach her to crochet. Maybe I can teach her to make the flowers herself for her project. Thanks for this quick pattern.