Monday, October 26, 2009

Crochet Flowered embellishments

I Love white linen, towels, tablecloths, does any one out there ,apart from me, still use table cloths?, I guess I'm showing my age .Anyway, i love white towels. Colours will come and go but for me I love wrapping myself in a lovely white fluffy bath sheet.
I've been decorating and wanted to add some new colour to the bathroom, , without spending lots of cash.The bathroom colour is white accented with sexy pink. Instead of buying matching towels I crocheted these little flowers to "refresh" the stuff I already have. You can add as many flowers as you like .I have made mine with thin thread but you could of course, use whatever thickness you like.

Pattern could not be simpler, add as many flowers as you like, any size you like .
Crochet flower.

Gauge; Not important .

1.75mm crochet hook

2 shades of crochet thread , the same amount in both .I used dmc.

The crochet abbreviations are UK terms.

Make five chain and join with a slip stitch.
1ch .(*1dc ,1tr, 1dc**) in first ch, repeat from*to ** in the remaining 4ch.
1ss in the first dc of the round, fasten off.

You will have noticed that the center of the flower you have made does not look like mine, all you have to do is thread a needle with the a lighter shade you want double thickness put a knot at the end. I think the stitch im about to explain is called satin stitch. To work satin stitch embroidery carry the thread across the shape to be filled, then return it underneath the fabric close to the point where it emerged. Work the stitches closely together . Imagine you have a compass in front of you , sew from east to west, or west to east.I hope you get the idea ,make sure you are only sewing in the center, not the petals.

Im no pattern expert if you spot any mistakes ,please let me know. This is a free pattern please feel free to use for personal use

Hope you enjoy this.


  1. Great idea to inject colour and refresh the bathroom, whithout hurting the wallet. Perfect all around.

  2. Great idea, with little cost :)

  3. Very nice!

    Happy blogoversary :)