Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Make up remover pads

I try my upmost to be environmentally friendly. I try to reuse everything, carrier bags are turned into coasters . Plastic containers are used for storing rice ,pasta, yarn. It was whilst emptying the bathroom bin (oh, the joys of housework)) I realised the amount of make up remover pads we use and throw away. With three girls we use loads of disposable cotton pads, which ultimately means I'm spending alot on these pads.

With all the wonderful advances in production of soft cotton yarns of which I have plenty, I decided to make a batch of reusable pads. These pads get softer with every wash. Handwash is best, but I do wash in the machine.I put mine in one of those meshed bags with a zipper used for small things usually socks.If you happen to have some of the coarser cotton yarns they make great exfoliating pads.

I used a variety of cotton, Rowan's cotton yarn milk, purelife ,rowan denim, sirdar, debbie bliss dk cotton, sublime's organic cotton.Feel free to use whatever yarn you have as long as it's cotton. It doesn't have to be done in one colour, it's a great cotton stashbuster. Make one for every day of the week.


Stitches; uk . See nezumi's conversion chart for terms

Hook size :3.5mm feel free to use whatever hook for the yarn you are using.

Yarn; whatever you like

Foundation; 5 chain, sl st in the first chain.

Row 1; 3ch counts as one tr, 15 tr into the ring. Sl st in 3rd ch at the beginning of round. (16tr)

Row 2: 5ch, 1tr at the base of this 5ch, ( acts as 1tr, 2ch, 1tr).Continue this in every tr . (32 tr).

Row 3; 3ch, *in next tr make 2tr, 1tr in next tr** rep from * to ** 15 times. 1sl st in 3rd ch at the beginning of round. (48)

Row 4; 3ch, 2tr in the next tr, *1tr in each of the next 2tr, 2tr in next tr** rep from * to **15 times .1 tr in last tr sl sp into 3ch at beginning of round. (64).

Fasten off and weave all ends.


Use this pattern freely all I ask is you dont claim this as your own ,please dont use this pattern to sell .


  1. So, after reading your description of them, I immediately thought of making a stand to hold them - wooden base with a piece of dowel in the middle which would go through the “hole” of each make-up remover pad. This way they are contained and not strewn all about looking messy. ˚Ü˚

  2. Excellent idea for these makeup removal pads!! Thank you!!

    I thought about the wooden stand, too. At first, I thought maybe to use a wooden or bamboo skewer, but then I remembered the leftover tinkertoys from making my tinkertoy yarn swift. I think I’ll use a slightly larger hook, use double strands of cotton for a thicker pad, and make the starting chain loop a shade bigger to accommodate a short tinkertoy stick, and the base of the holder will be a tinkertoy wheel. More recycling!

  3. What a good idea !!! There are also prettier and more colourfull. Thanks

  4. These are so nice & what a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to make these!