Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Easy Buttons

I have a large selection of buttons. I ve been collecting them for years and yet I often cant find that perfect one. A friend said why not make one to match. I did and this is the result. Very quick and very easy.I love it so much I wanted to share .

You will need; Small amount of yarn, aubergine one is manos, I love this yarn. The green one is rowan romance,white one is nameless.

A crochet hook, any size it depends on the yarn you are using.Sewing needle (large enough for the yarn to be threaded through).


Make 5ch,join with slip stitch.

Round 1; 3ch, 12tr in the ring, join with a slipstitch in the 3ch .

Round 2; 1ch, 1dc in each of the tr, join with slip stitch.

Round 3: as round 2.

Leave a long end, about 10inches ,( you need this amount so that you can then attach button to the item).Using a needle thread through the stitches. Cut some of the same wool off the ball and fill the centre of the button ,really stuff it in. Draw the yarn that you have threaded through as tightly as you can . You are aiming to make a firm button that wont contort when putting it through the buttonhole. This closes the stuffing and you should have a button. Fasten off and use the same yarn to attach the button to your item.

Hope this makes sense, if you find any errors please let me know.



  1. How brill are they! Thankyou very much for posting your buttons and as soon as I have finished my cardigan, I will be linking back to you.

    Linz xxx

  2. Thanks for posting your button pattern. I used it as the basis to make a pair of cufflinks as a stocking filler for my dad. I made two tiny buttons using very fine crochet cotton and a 1.5 hook, stuffed them with toy filling, then made a little chain and sewed them all together. Am very pleased with the results.