Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Skein Cowl

We all have those days where you simply cannot find the perfect accessories , this happened recently.I didn't have the right cowl, I grabbed a ball of chunky yarn and a hook to create a warm and cosy very easy cowl .I wanted large stitches that are in keeping with the chunky knits all over the shops I wanted mine to be crocheted.
.My cowl covers that part of the neck you need warmth but without all the bulk you often get from scarves made in super bulky yarn. Make in an hour or two. Ready for wearing the next day
If your yarn is significantly different you will obviously have to chain a different number of stitches to achieve the best fit for your neck . Every ones neck size is different and we all know our likes and dislikes in a scarf/cowl.For my needs I wanted a warm cosy fit. cowl. I suggest you measure around your neck and ch that length ,test the fit by putting it around your neck add or subract accordingly.
Whenever I get yarn I like to play around with it by using different hook sizes I can achieve different textures, different size of stitch. You should only change stitch size and hook when the pattern does not have gauge, if it does you will not achieve the same results as pattern . I wanted a cowl in treble st I decided Id cross the stitches it adds interest and texture.
Cosy Cowl
1 skein of rowan big
10mm hook
Stitches use; ch, tr ,crossed treble,
Chain 22 sts. 3 ch (acts as 1tr) ,tr in every ch to the end of row., 3ch turn.
Rows 2,3,; tr to end
Row 4; 3ch. 1tr in next tr, miss the next tr, tr next tr , then go back to missed tr and tr in this st, ( this means tr in the 3rd st and then go back to 2nd ch and tr in this, you have now created a crossed tr.) I hope this makes sense.. Now , tr in the next tr and rep the crossed tr stitch, always tr after the crossed tr , continue crossing tr and 1 tr to end of row. 3ch, turn
Row 5; tr to end
Row 6; as row 5
Row 7; as row 4
Row 8; tr to end.
Row 9 tr to end
The pattern is one row crossed trebles ,followed by two rows of treble until you run out of yarn.
Bind off the weave any ends. At the top edge fold down 2 inches and pin. Pin to the end and then sew/ tack on the inside to end . Sew a button , I have not created a button hole as the tr is large enough to accommodate a button ,simply push the button through the gaps between trebles.
I hope you enjoy making this , it you spot any mistakes please add comments. Use this pattern freely all I ask is please don't claim this pattern is yours.


  1. Stylish warm cowl, nice design would a finishing touch to many outfits

  2. Elegant, wearable and easy on the tecnique, 10/10 for a crocheter friendly design.
    The color suits you very well.

  3. Hi Helda...just want to pass on my thanks for this pattern....ive made 3 now, 2 for me and one for a xmas pressie. A lovely simple warm and cheap to make cowl....thanks a lot ......Emma