Thursday, March 04, 2010


Ive been joining granny squares for what seems like forever. Normally , I put off sewing up .My cupboards are a testament to that. However, this project has filled me with happiness, from the moment i started i knew Id have to complete it, so I can stare at its beauty. Ive enjoyed making the squares, and I'm now really enjoying sewing up.
The yarn used is Regia. Kaffe Fassett designed the colourways . He has an unbelievable affinity with colour. I'm delighted with colourway and every granny square contains the same colours but every square is unique. I have made mine in the traditional granny square motif , the original babette is another square, cant remember the name. Those who know me know I love granny squares. The yarn is incredibly soft . I should be finished sewing today and then I'll start a border just to frame it .
Today's dinner is a gorgeous paella, with some super king prawns.

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  1. Your afghan is absolutely beautiful! The Regia yarn is exquisite and really does give it a personality of it's own. It's much more interesting than solids, ombres or varigated yarns. I've fallen in love with it! I MUST have this yarn! :)

    I just found your blog doing a search for the babette pattern. Your works are very very nice and I venture to say, I'll be checking in to see what else you've worked up. Keep up the good work!