Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rainbow Scarf

With the weather so bleak, its cold and today we had snow. I wanted to make something that would lift the bleakness adding some much needed colour. I purchased this yarn at from Art yarns.Its a wool and acrylic mix (not my favourite) but it comes in the most beautiful colourways, I just had to have it. It begs to be squeezed ,often.
Generally,I avoid multi coloured yarn as they tend to look gorgeous as a ball of yarn but the moment its crocheted or knitted it loses its appeal, it can often pool in the wrong way ,colours not where you'd like it to be, you end up unravelling it and you return back to the box of 'not quite sure what to do with pile'. However this yarn its so soft and crochets like a dream.
The rainbow scarf was born I lovvvve it. It looks far more complicated and to the none crocheter looks like it has loads of balls of different coloured balls of yarn.. Its the easier pattern ever. Chain 203 or whatever length you prefer, double crochet in every ch to end. Turn.2ch (acts as double crochet) double crochet to end. Continue until you have the width you like,for me it was 18 rows.


  1. That's gorgeous! The colours, the yarn and your crochet just work so fab together.

  2. Delectable!

    It does work very well. There's something about crochet, and mixed colourways, I really like.

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  3. It definately makes a fab scarf - nothing like having something bright and sunny to wear on a cold and wintery day :)