Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crochet needle holder

I'm a busy bee and I'm always travelling, I often have a few wips with me to help with the boredom.Each project has its own bag. Fed up with looking for the hooks , I came up with this It holds 3 to 4 hooks and I've put a stitch marker , for those moments you cant remember the start of the row. Small enough to fit in my handbag. I have a large stash but I have an even larger scraps box. I'm a horder and I cant seem to get rid of those scraps, so as well as a yarn diet, I'm determined to use those scraps. I wanted to share this pattern with you , if you spot any mistakes please contact me, pattern writing is still new to me. Yarn; approx 20g I used a sock yarn merino wool and cashmere from the knittery available from Socktopus, shade cherries,

Hook size; 3.5 mm use any size appropiate to the yarn you are using, you need to create a stiff fabric

Row 1 ; Chain 38 dc ,1 ch work only in back hoop double crochet (DC), to end 1ch turn,
Repeat row 1 for 24 rows.

Next row; Work 21 dc in back loop, now continue working on these 21 stitches,dc,until
you have 12 rows. This forms the pocket. Cast off

Fold the holder in half. Sew the flap to the center seam.This creates the pocket.

Fold the holder in half and decide where you would like the strap to be located , at this point work 5 dc into the edge, work on these stitches dc for 6 rows .

next row; dc in first dc miss 2ch and then dc to end.
work all 5 dc to end. You should have a hole.

finish weave in the ends.

Sew button. I added a crocheted flower and put the button on top you can leave out the flower, crochet any flower you like.

PS; Once I started using the holder I found that the hooks would come out so I then added the strip that you can see. I made 4 ch at the edge and then dc until I reached the other side make it taut ,this is what enables the needles to stay in place. .Sew into place. You can now hook the hooks into this strip and place hooks in the pocket .Safe and secure.


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