Monday, April 21, 2008

meet up at iknit london

Last Thursday I had a crochet meet up at the fabulous iknit shop in Waterloo The shop was filled with the regulars of their weekly knit nites. Lots of people were making hyperbolic crochet pieces, knitting.
Craig and Gerard let us invade .A very civilised gathering considering the consumption of some rather good organic cider.It is a beautiful place to relax and crochet. I tried very hard to resist the lure of yarn . I held out until the end and I came away with these beauties. I love "manos "so soft and the palette of colours are so provocative

I'm not sure why I took this silly photo of habu silk ,I think I was trying to be artistic, its actually a cool shade of green. I thoroughly recommend you pop along to iknit .

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