Monday, April 14, 2008

I've been busy

This is my latest project in crochet I'm making either a blanket, or shawl, its a delight to make. One of the yarns the cream colour is cashmere,with wool so beautful and soft. The other is jaegar roma, it seems quite elastic very soft and they look nice together. I need so many of them to create the perfect throw.
Newknitted bed socks green sock in merino wool dont know where its from its been in the stash since last year at the alexander palace.A packet from hipknits. So soft. I used the pattern from the latest let's knit magazine. The pattern is called bobby knitted on two needles .It has a center seam. Very quick and easy pattern.
Now this beauty is my first crochet socks, it took just a few hours .Oh my lord ,why knit when you can crochet these so quickly. In contrast the knitted sock took a few evenings. I bought the yarn from my favourite online shop, . A delightful cashmere and merino from the knittery. The colour in the photo isnt accurate the name of it summer. Its actually pinker.


  1. What a busy bee you are.Your bedcover looks great, I like the swirly effect it has. The socktopus socks are great, those colors look good enough to eat. I have a question regarding crocheted socks. How thick are they ? I have the impression that might be rigid and very thick, is that the case ?

  2. You really have been busy! Those swirly pieces will make a wonderful bedcover (and what delicious yarns -- it's going to be warm and comforting).

    So how did you crochet your sock? Did you follow a pattern? Curious minds are more curious than usual....

    In any case -- nice work!


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