Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bottle poncho/ Coasters

I think I'm suffering from startitis, a well known disease that makes you start something and never finish them.Sound familiar. I have so many projects in progress.Lately I have found I just have to make the thing, whatever it is ,straight away.I must write my notes , I place hook and yarn in individual projects bag. It is all very organised, so that when I do pick it up I know exactly where I am .I have ten 4mm hooks and now I have to get more to cope with the amount of things I have to finish.Now, you'd think I would try and finish one project to free the crochet hook, oh, no not I, it seems I do have a really bad case of startitis.

I came up with this idea when I had arranged to meet a friend to celebrate her massive weight loss. She loves white wine. I wanted to give my friend a gift, usually I cook and bring her foodie gifts but I decided to give a practical gift.I wanted to make the bottle pretty and came up with this poncho for a bottle,Yes, I know it is a silly, whimsical gift but it does have a purpose as it doubles up as a coaster.
.I used Debbie Bliss Dk cotton a lovely shade of grey,silver I love working in cotton the stitch definition is superb.I added some gorgeous swarovski crystals o make it have a little sparkle, a little bit of bling!!
This is a very quick and easy pattern, I made this pattern up whilst watching telly.


4mm hook

1 ball debbie bliss dk makes 4 coasters, feel free to use any yarn you like.


3ch, slip stitch to third chain from hook.


Ch 12, join with slip stitch.

1.1ch make 30 dc into the ring, join with a ss.

2. 3ch, counts as tr. 1tr in next 2 dc's, 3ch, *3tr in next 3 stitches ,3ch**, repeat from *to ** join with a ss in the 3ch at start of round.

3. 1ch, * miss 1tr, dc in the next dc,( 3tr, make a picot of 3 stitches, 3tr all in the next 3ch sp.)** repeat from *to ** ,join with a ss to first tr.



Now, embellish your poncho/coaster with whatever you like I used swarovski crystal handsewn onto every picot.You can use beads , buttons, sequins or leave it alone.
Put it round the bottle neck, give as a gift and then use it as a coaster for that lovely bottle.!!!!!

I hope you enjoy this pattern.

If you spot any mistakes, or need help please contact me.

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  1. I love the look of your coaster under the glass. Very pretty!

  2. Hi , thankyou for your comment over at mine. Great to find your lovely blog !
    Off to read some more :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Love the coasters! just started learning how to crochet and trying to get the word out that its okay for guys to enjoy this hobby too. I will be following your blog closely.