Monday, August 10, 2009

Gretna Green Shawlette.

The inspiration for my shawl comes from Gretna Green. Friends of mine had a wonderful ceremony at the very beautiful blacksmith house. A beautiful sculpture of a couple embracing stands outside. The scenery was so beautiful .I loved the place so much.In the evening the sunset was so spectacular a lovely bluey orange and reddish hue, green land and shrubbery.Quite possibly one of the most beautiful sunsets Ive ever seen. Outside the reception was the most beautiful passionflower with lots of bubble bees .So pretty.
Once back at home I found two beautiful skeins of koigu that matched the beauty of the day .This yarn is such a treat to knit with. I used my painted knitpro circular needles such a delight to my senses and so the Gretna Green shawlette was born. Every time I look at this shawl I' m transported back to that magical day set in bonnie Scotland.
As with most of my patterns tension is not important, rather you should use the size needles that gives you a stitch size you like .You don't have to follow this pattern I'm merely writing how I did mine you can decide the amount of rows you like in pattern 1 or pattern 2.You can make it completely in pattern 2 or all in garter stitch, or like mine you decide. All I wanted was a shawl that was reversible and that it had texture. I love pattern two as it has movement which seems to add depth.The texture appears to make the colours look striking and alive.

Firstly the copyright formalities: Please do not reproduce, republish or sell without my permission. Please do not claim as your own. Please do not use this pattern for commercial purposes.

4.5mm circular needles
2 skeins of koigu
Using waste yarn, provisionally cast on 3 stitches as follows ;With a crochet hook chain 5 sts and fasten, using needles pick up and knit 1st into each of 3 bumps in the back of chain. You now have 3sts.
Pattern 1.
Row 1; K1,yo, K1,yo,K1
Row 2; k all stitches
Row 3. k1, yo ,k until you have 1 st, yo, k1

Continue this way using row 2 and row 3 .You are increasing at each end every other row continue in this way until you have 70 ridges making sure you end on row 2. You can decide the amount of ridges you like.

Pattern 2
Row 1; (increase row) k1, yo, k1, p1, k2, p1 , k2, p1 continue with k2, p1 until you have 2 sts left ,k1, yo, k1.
Row 2 ; k 3 p1, (k2, p1,k2, p1 ) until last 3 stitches k3
Row 3; k1 yo k2,p1,k2,p1 to last 2 st,k1 ,yo,k1
Row 4;k3, ( once you have k3 you must p1, k1 from wherever you have left off at the end of the row. eg; if the last stitch was k1, begin the row with the second knit. If the last stitch was the 2nd k st you should begin with a p1. If it was the purl row start with k2 . Repeat row 1 & 2 for as long or a little as you like.
(IMPORTANT); On the increase rows always start that row with k1, yo, k1 and then continue with the k2, p1 pattern to the last two k1, yo,k1.
I hope this makes sense it will be come clearer after you do a few rows.
I did pattern 2 for 30 or so rows then
6 rows in pattern 1 .
A further 26 rows in pattern 2
then finishing with 6 rows of garter to end.Cast off.
Now go back to the cast on edge where you have the provisional cast on of 3sts. Pick up these stitches slip 1, k2tog, pass over the slip stitch , you should have one stitch left pull thread through .You have now cast off .
Weave all threads .
This is my first free knitting pattern, if you spot any mistakes please let me know.


  1. I think this is a lovely looking shawl. I was reading the instructions and I found something I don't understand. You start with a provisional crochet cast on. It seems like you take the three stitches and go from there. I just didn't see anything about going back and picking up the live stitches from the cast on. Did I miss something?

  2. Sharon, thanks for that ,no, you are so right .Im off to add it straightaway.

  3. Love the colours of yarn and different stitch textures used.
    The shawl looks beautiful with that brooch, it really sets it off nicely.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pattern of your gorgeous shawl.