Friday, August 21, 2009

A few of my favourite things

I had a wonderful day last week I found a really old secondhand bookshop.The owner said she had been open for 30 years. It smelt as you would expect dusty,damp and old. I loved it and felt right at home., do you think I'm old dusty and damp?.
The owner knew exactly where everything was, every book she had filed she knew exactly where it was.I'm so impressed she is everything I want to be ,quite simply an elderly lady with all her faculties. She was so energetic and very helpful. I grabbed hold of the two beauties 'enquire within' very similar to Mrs Beeton's ,filled with a-z of how to ..... I loved it and had to have it , it's filled with lots of wonderful tips. The red book is a pattern book with wonderful pictures and patterns from a bygone era.The ladies pictured are wearing knitted underwear I hope they aren't too itchy. It is now one of my favourites, cant wait to read it in bed.

The other three books chocolate, bread machine recipes and ice cream are all my favourite things.Ive always made bread by hand but have friends who have proved their dough in a bread machine and they claim its just as good if not better, so i thought Id have a go.I have a bread machine that I've never used and have in fact lost the manual whilst moving. I will be getting to grips with the machine as soon as I can and I will of course share the results with you.I believe that bread that has been hand made is far superior but i will give the machine a go.

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  1. What a treasure chest that library turn to be !!! The kind of place where one can spend hours and hours. I am going green with envy.