Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is a very simple pattern for the cutest slippers.I always have a pair in my hand bag for those occasions you visit someone' s home and you have to take your shoes off. They are straightforward to adapt to any foot size.
As cotton has an inclination to become stretchy I recommend you make it smaller than actual foot . Eg; My foot length 24 rows yet I made 20 rows to ensure a really snug fit. Measure as you go to ensure a perfect fit.
Yarn is held doubled throughout.

I have added ribbon to make them resemble ballet pumps.

Crochet hook; 6mm.
Yarn; Anchor magicline, use any worsed cotton you have around

Ch 24

1. 1 ch , dc in every ch to end, 1h turn.

2. dc in the back loop only to end, 1ch, turn.

3. Rep row 2 until you reach the required length of you foot for me that was 24 rows, (see note above)

4. fold the sock in half and sew the back seam

5. Work from the inside do a running stitch from the toe to the place you want it to end .Mine was 3.5inches it's at this point you must tighten the running stitch.This will make it resemble a footwear . It should be round at the top. If some parts have more ruching play with it until it is even.
Secure the tension and weave the end.

Ive added some ribbon this is attached by simply doubling the length you like to tie around the ankle .I just knotted the ribbon to the slipper.

Embellish with buttons, sequins, crochet flowers


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  2. Thanks I love these, have already ,made myself 2 pairs, now working with smaller hooks to make my daughters some :)

  3. Very pretty - wonder how could this with knitting needles it must be possible.