Monday, March 16, 2009

Free simple shawl pattern

I do love crochet stitches especially double crochets and trebles. I love the fabric they make simple ,uncomplicated, as Im using multicoloured random dyed yarns I want the yarn to be the star of the show, all these beautiful colours remind me of Kew gardens on a hot summer day.

I make no claims of inventing this pattern, I wanted to make a simple shawl in crochet with my favourite stitch ; treble, using glorious soft colourful yarn. It is so easy, I like to wear it has a neckerchief, all that beauty around my neck, the main bulk at the front. Wear as you like.

As with most of my patterns you can use whatever yarn you have to hand and any sized crochet hook, this is what i ve used.

3 skeins yarn Jawol a delightful multi coloured wool, super wash wool
3.5mm crochet hook.

Tension; never!!!!!!

You will be working back and forth in rows turning as you go. You will also be working from the point down.
It all starts with an adjustable ring.

Foundation row;
Ch3, 2tr, ch2,( this will be the point , the central spine ) 3tr tighten the ring, ch3 turn.

Row 2; 2tr into the first space between the trs of previous row,continue to tr in each space until you reach the point of the shawl. 2tr, ch2, 2tr, then continue to trebles in each sp until the last tr, work 3tr into it. Ch3 and turn. (promise you will find it easier after the first few rows)

Repeat row 2 every row until you run out of yarn or its the size you like.

I hope it makes sense ,if you spot any mistakes please let me know.
Happy Crocheting!!!!


  1. beautiful!!!!!!!
    and the colors are cute!!!

    keep it up!!


  2. That is gorgeous colors your using for the shawl! I love it!

    BTW, I'm crochetferretlvr from the swap-bot blog swap!

  3. I agree those are gorgeous colors you used for the shawl! What a talent you have with crochet!

    Happy TGIF!
    Andrea Lynn@swap-bot

  4. WOw this pattern is so simple but looks great when its done and so quick too I LOVE IT thank you for giving it away as I've paid for patterns that look great but are so complicated

  5. Fab Pattern. I've made a shawlette so it only used a ball and a half. I also added a picot edge. Hit the link and let me know what you think. Thanks for such a great pattern.

  6. Hi Helda, this shawl looks similar to the one of yours in Inside Crochet magazine 25. I have been having trouble with the pattern in the magazine. I notice with the pattern here you have extra stitches at the beginning and end of the rows. Should I be doing this with the pattern in the magazine? and do I do it on every row?
    Thank you for your help. Elly