Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Mother's Day Ever

I'm not a gadget type, I like stuff I have because they are simple functional and easy to use. My current phone is so old ,its been nicknamed the dinosaur she has now been laid to rest as my youngest daughter bought me this. She's know who I am and she understands my needs, this is the cutest phone and its very simple..I don't care about internet thingies, mp3, blue tooth , cameras on a phone, I only need a phone to make calls , that's it . This does do all those things and I like it. The perfect gift. Thank you baby, I love you sooo much.
My eldest is at university so she's on a budget .All week I've heard her say she didn't have loads of money and I shouldn't expect much as she was broke, show me a mum who cares about costs, she's 21 Ive had so many gifts but my favourites are those she's made herself .
Usually, I get very expensive designer stuff, this year she got it so right it had everything I love a book,(i can't be without 3 books on my bedside table) a lemom sherbet scented candle,I light one every night, a bunch of daffodils still in bud. I must have a bunch or plant of colour every week as I love looking at it each day. A box of choccies, a couple of refreshers , reminds me of the old sweets we ate at school , a three pack of lacey trouser socks. I love faberge eggs, in fact I love egg shaped stuff and have a large collection, so this hand painted egg was most gratefully received. The most perfect gifts ever. Ain't I lucky??? and yet the day was to get even better....

I'm one of those mum's who find it hard to lay around and be pampered .Most mothers day involves lots of hot sweaty moments cooking for my mum and family.This year was different, his highness decided he would make his special roast leg of lamb stuffed with garlic,rosemary and apricots.
Not sure if Ive every mentioned that his highness in twenty two years together has only cooked for me twice, so this was a very beautiful rare gesture, it meant so much and whilst I kept saying to him ',
' You don' t have to cook for me,I'm not your mother' he replied ,I was the mother of his kids and he wanted to cook. Now, I'm mad, and sometimes unreasonable but I'm not stupid if he wants to cook you let him cook. It was juicy, flavoursom,. damn fine .The girls completed the extras, we had a great meal before popping out to our respective mums to spend a few hours with them. Lovely day.
Ive achieved few things in life but two of the best are my generous, beautiful talented babies, I know they are all grown up but they will always be my babies, Im so proud to be your mum.


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  2. Wow...love the Mother's Day stuff!...sounds like a lovely day!
    and the shawl is gorgeous...I really like the colours and might just try the pattern....i'm fairly new to crochet and have stuck (mainly!) to flowers so far.
    Nicki x ( swap-bot bloggers!)

  3. Enjoy your new phone dear!

    xox, Tonya
    swap-bot name= Tonya211

  4. Hi, Helda!
    Your journal was definitely fun to read. I really liked this post, perhaps the best, because it makes me happy to see that your kids treated you quite generously for Mother's Day!

    I was browsing through your other entries, and I definitely bow down at your crochet skills. Crochet is a craft I can't pick up on my own, so I'm definitely in awe of people who are able to crochet such wonderful things like cheerful granny squares and bright coloful scarves!

    I like the flowers you shared, too! Arts and flowers - it's a perfect combination. ;D

    (Oh, and this is dearlybeloved from swapbot.)

  5. Lucky Mum! All of those lovely goodies! All sorts of pretties and handy gadgets! I again am in awe of crochet skills, my biggest claim to fame is one big granny square (often time turns out a little wonky!) Enjoyed your blog!
    Fellow Swap-bot pal...Little Cakes!
    Happy Blogging!

  6. Hi, I'm a fellow swapper at Swap-Bot. I was reading your posts and I'm not an avid sewer or sew anything really and found myself knee-deep in all your post! My Favorite is The Mother's Day one. I was thinking the other day at Easter about altering a Easter Egg.....funny you mention anything egg-shaped, since you like anything egg-shaped, do you think that would be a decent idea for a swap? So long as they were nicely done and completely covered? Just an idea....I look forward to reading more about "your story"..I'll stay tuned!!