Monday, March 30, 2009


Just a few of the magazines Ive yet to read

beautiful beads and stuff
Some felt I just love the colours

Coordinated beads, sequins, ribbons

More beads and the like

I have also wanted a glue gun, beware I now have now, nothing is safe.

sublime yarns kid mohair

Cashmere ,so soft and beautiful

Yes, thats right Ive purchased acrylic the colours are so intense just had to have them for that reason .They are to become flowers and suchlike, very bright and vivid.

Another handlife of coloured kid mohair.
My best friend Nez and I attended this year's Stitch n craft show at Olympia. We tried to work out the other day how long we have been attending, we think its over fifteen years ,during that time we have seen the life and death and now the rebirth of knitting/crocheting.
This years show had some lovely suppliers.Some of which ended up in my bag.However, even more exciting then yarn we had something really special to go and seek We headed for the yarn forward stand to grab a glance at the new magazine called Inside crochet.We weren't disappointed we drooled over a few of the patterns .I subscribed on the spot. I will be reviewing this mag in my next podcast. I will say this though, on ravelry lots of people have been moaning about the mag.I say give them a chance .The mag is in infancy, they will get better.I'm just so happy that someone has taken the risk . I'm pleased to have a magazine purely about my favourite subject crochet. So , lets give them a chance.


  1. Wow, I wish I have half your loot.
    Love the Felt especially... i'm so into felt plushies these days... been looking up and down for the Purple... *envy*.... the ones the shops have here r all darker :P

  2. I love the array of superbright yarns for flowers and stuff as well the bright colored felt...niiice! Fun little stash of loot Ms. Helda!

  3. Arrrgh! I'm still waiting for my copy of the crochet mag! Like you, I'm just excited that someone's actually done it!

    Just popped in to say I've nominated you for an award....sadly I seem totally unable to link to it from here....sorry!

    nicki x

  4. A good day, lots of fun with excellent company :)

  5. love all the colours of your wool and beads.