Friday, April 03, 2009

New beginnings

I've been blogging for over two years ,I wanted to be part of the world wide web .Laptop land is a great place.Through blogging Ive set up the crochet meet up. Had a pattern published. Ive written an article for an online magazine. I have made some really lovely friends all who share my passion for yarn. Blogland often blows me away with the beauty and talent around me all available at the click of a button.

It has been a very difficult year its been filled with lots of trips to the hospital all of which are thankfully over. I cant tell you how great it feels to be freed from the handcuffs of being 'ill'. To celebrate this great occasion can you guess what I planned????? Yes ,that's right I organised a crochet meet up. Our first of the year, in march.

I wanted to spend the evening with the company of my friends , everyone gets their hooks and a ball of yarn and we create ,laugh, share magazines, eat cake and drink coffee.I have been blessed with great members who all seem to enjoy it as much as me.

We had 5 new members ,3 who I'm very proud to say I taught to crochet. They mastered ch, dc, tr, what to do at the end of a row. I am responsible for creating 5 more addicts who will never walk past a yarn shop.They will travel anywhere to get more yarn. They will pet and stroke yarn at every chance.They will always head for the craft sections in libraries and shops. They will learn to hide yarn and no matter how large their stash is they will never ever have enough.

The star hook of the evening was a beautiful bamboo Tunisian hook, we all got excited about that, isn't it wonderful?? Projects ranged from scarves,crocheted jewellery, a beautiful broomstick stitch wrap pictured below, I love the colour of that yarn,I think someone was making flowers. I am still making granny squares ,I didn't get one finished I was busy helping newbies and catching up with each member. We passed mags around I had the new crochet mag from the UK, it was lovely to talk about its contents. We admired each others yarn. Time flies when you're having fun, it really does. I enjoy meet ups it's the perfect way to end a day.

This week as I bought some herbs rosemary, thyme and a gloriously scented lemon thyme,3 herbs for five pounds from Morrisons, so cheap you wouldn't get that from a garden center.I love the lemon thyme stuffed in the cavity of a chicken with a half of lemon, the juices from the chicken creates a lightly scented delicious jus.

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  1. Those are some beautiful crocheted pieces!!!!! I envy your skills!!!

    (kuhnowee on swapbot)