Wednesday, April 08, 2009

my week

Something strange is happening to me, I grew up in the days when the front room/ parlour was only ever used when visitors came over. I hated this room I wasn't allowed in and when I was it was always to dust it.When visitors came over us kids would have to sit in there with the adults not saying a word unless we were asked.

My mum had a passion or illness (depending on your viewpoint) for crocheted swans, starched baskets and horrid dollies.We had crocheted arm covers and chair back covers I hated this room.So you can image my surprise when I bid on and won these two books filled with all these things, I cant even explain why I bid on them, do you think I'm going to turn into my mother????
Look at these beauties crochet hooks ranging in size from 0.75 to 3.5mm, beautiful wooden handle very comfortable.Ive been wanting to add beads to my crochet and I needed a small hook for seed beads. Ive not tried it yet,I'll keep you posted.

All these glorious skeins have been waiting such along time to become.....But with all the ideas I have buzzing around in my head poor babies might have to stay in the stash ,Aren't they pretty??

This delightful package landed through my letterbox, my latest installment of the Socktopus sock club. As well as a beautiful skein of yarn and pattern in that psychedelic pouch, Alice has added some seeds, pea and mint seeds which when planted will produce enough to make the recipe for the pea and mint soup also included. What a fabulous idea, a delight to all the senses. I'm planning a bank holiday visit to the garden center,So that I can plant these babies. I say this every time I receive a parcel from Alice but she rocks.

Its half term here, its always lovely to have my girls home, it's time to really catch up on what's really happening in our lives. I find myself saying things my parents ,and their friends would say, you know what I mean things like, gosh ,you've grown ... or I remember when you where a little're getting so big... those moments were so awkward I never knew quite what to say I swore I'd never say silly things like that and yet, I do.
My eldest is 21 and the youngest will be 15, 15 for god's sake, I'm getting old. I think its time to have a large Jack Daniels or two......after Ive popped on my fluffy socks and my bedjacket hand crocheted by me.


  1. Lots of yummy books, yarn and hooks
    I'm tempted to subscribe to the Socktopus sock club everytime I see your posts of the beautiful goodies and items you receive.

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Hi from the Swap bot. Your flowers are so awesome! I can only crochet one kind of square- the one from Interweave's Babette Blanket.

  3. my family had one of those untouchable rooms too. kind of a waste of space unless you need a doily museum.

  4. Ooo... some of those skeins look adorable! I love graduated colours!

    via swap-bot