Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lipstick Cozy

I hate waste. I have great difficulty in throwing away those bits of scrap yarn .I'm utterly convinced it will come in handy, one day. I have a scrap box for all those odds and ends of yarn I can't part with. Finally, I have come up with the perfect pattern, a lipstick cozy.You can combine scraps of leftover sock yarns( fingering weight)It uses very little yarn 5 to 10grams. It is a very easy pattern ,even beginners will find it a breeze.

You can use any type of yarn and any crochet hook. It can solve those moments when you just have to crochet but you don't have alot of time .Make a few ,use them as little handmade gifts for teachers ,friends , a stocking filler, perfect for any age.The stitches are UK terms.

Yarn; 5-10grams of any yarn ,I used Hazelknits from Socktopus.

Crochet Hooks; any hook size for the yarn you choose.I used 2mm

Using a small hook ensures it will sit nice and snug and that it will stay on when tossed into your bag.
Tapestry needle

Foundation (row 1); Work 7 chain ,join with a slip stitch (you should have a circle)

Row 2; Work 2 chain, this is counted as a treble. Work 1 treble in every chain. Do not join with a slip stitch rather continue working round with a treble into each previous treble, continue in this manner until required length for you lipstick.Yes ,that's it . Using the tapestry needle weave all the ends.

You can embellish the cosy with any thing you like buttons ,sequins, small badges, pearl beads, beads ,brooches etc; There so many free patterns for motifs of all types. I used this patternI found on ravelry for a crochet flower.Choose the one you like.

I hope that this makes sense .If you spot any mistakes please let me know and I'll change it.

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