Monday, June 29, 2009


Ive been making crochet garlands a very quick way to add interest to some to very ordinary pillowcases. I do like having "one motif at a time projects "you don't need to commit to any time rather grab your hook whenever you have five minutes to spare.You'd be very surprised at how many you can make if you walk with your hook.We spent ten minutes in the supermarket queue.I managed to knock out two and a bit. While his highness packs away the shopping another five minutes to spare..and so on it all adds up. I really do wish crochet used lots of energy wouldn't we all be so slim? The progress on my sublime cardigan is so slow ,I find stocking stitch so labourious ,painfully slow, also now the weather is warming up I hate the kid mohair ,even if it is light it is hairy and makes me hot. So I guess it wont be finished until the weather cools down.
This is my latest book buys ,I really have to stop buying books but I can't seem to stop.I love books probably more than yarn .Im really interested in the time out guide "1000 things to do in london for under ten pounds" Its a few weeks to the summer holiday and my young person will need some ideas for things to do, so I'm hoping this book will come up with some great ideas. I have not had any time for the others but I do like that they are waiting at the side of my bed,it makes me so excited to go to bed. New sheets a mug of tea, a couple of rich tea biscuits and his highness to curl into. Bliss.

Ive also been playing with some Sock weight yarns, just playing can be great fun.
You must by now have spotted the stripy background in all the pictures, it was a bargain buy from TKMax. It's so bright ,its a superking sized cover .They could not find the matching pillowcase so manager decided I could have it for 20 .00 it's original price 189.00 ,dont you just love a bargain . I wanted to show you the wonderful strawberries, cherries, and plums but we've scoffed the lot. Enjoy the hot weather.


  1. Great colors on your motives, I am a sucker for small projects but somehow not so much for motives (might have to give a go). Your idea of adding them to pillow cases is very good, treating them as aplique. I did the same with my crocheted bugs. I got two of the books you bought on loan from the library, Weekend Knitting and "How to feed your family...", I would buy the cookery one, not so sure about the other.
    Your bedcover is very nice, I like stripy multicolored ones too, and at that price what is not to like.

  2. I prefere the smaller projects as I usually get bored quickly, saying that I am crocheting a blanket out of individual squares, and I havn't got bored of doing that ,yet! What a bargain that duvet cover was! I too am a sucker for a bargain!
    Thank you for you lovely comments the other day and thank you for popping over to my blog.:-)
    Big Hugs, Bethxx

  3. Smaller projects are great, easy to travel with and I may even try to crochet when I am next in a cue at the supermarket.
    Love TKX's bargins but that duvet cover is a super priced bargin