Thursday, July 09, 2009

A spot of cleaning and a slice of cake.

This week has whizzed by, Ive become a demented domestic goddess. Every where I look at home needs cleaning and dusting. I cleaned the fridge sorted out my cupboards, I've hoovered my books. I ve organised my girlie's room .Its a good old fashioned bit of spring cleaning ,only its summer. Trouble is once you start its very hard to stop and then you get mad that there seems to be so much to do.
As well as cleaning Ive baked two cakes this week a Madeira cake that I added glace cherries as his highness is very partial to them. I also made a bakewell tart, with a very liberal handful of flaked almonds on top. Sometimes only cake will do.
I received the next installment of the socktopus sock club such a beautiful colour, Ive been playing around with mitered squares .The yarn is regia that I picked up last week at All the fun of the fair. Looks fun and it's lovely to knit with.
I'm really tired and very pleased that home feels tidy and clean.I'm off to bed with a mug of tea,a slice of cake and a pile of knit/crochet mags.


  1. Talk about the carrot at the end of the stick, more like the cake at the end of the cleaning... it sounds fine to me. I like your yarn and that mittered sample is great. I knitted some socks using it a while ago, see here

    and here

    I have something for you on my blog.

  2. drool, that madeira cake looks delicious.