Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Selfridges Window Installation

Look at these pretty colourful bunch, we have a beautiful florist on our road and every few weeks its the turn of another star bloom , aren't they lovely.A special treat for me as my youngest bought them at the end of our day out as a thank you. I ve used a small glass as the vase.What it lacks in quantity it makes up in impact very strikin and once they soaked up some water they puffed up their gowns and the show was dazzling. They are sittin at the side of my bed. Thanks Van, I love you loads.

Its half term we headed up west for some silly time,a chance to bond ,moan and learn a little more about each other. after the usual shoe shops, monsoon, marks , selfridges for more shoes. We needed fuel.
We headed for one of my daughters fav place to eat a Thai place called 'Busaba'.
Beautiful decor, wooden benches, communal eating in a nice way, great lighting ,beautiful flower arrangements.Extremely fresh decor.I liked it immediately.Condiments on the table,Thai fish sauce,chilli sauce, soy sauce. Perfect to create your own favourite combination of hot,sour,salt,sweet. Menu very impressive. We decided on ;

Pad see ew x 2
ba mee noodle with
prawn, squid, scallop,
egg and Chinese
broccoli .
Two of us choose this dish We loved the scallops so perfectly cooked and the broccoli tender, only down side was it just needed a few more stems of the broccoli.I love vegetables especially when cooked well. squid was replaced by cuttlefish which were delicious.Glad ,it was all girls as his highness can get very squeamish about seafood thingies, but we girls love it.

Pat king talay
with prawn, baby
squid, scallop, Thai
pepper, woodear,
chilli and ginger
Coconut rice; These two dishes made a light gingery meal
We also added 2 portions of Thai calamari with ginger and peppercorns it added initial crunch and then the chewy texture, the peppercorns were green so soft and where not just the seasoning it was a vegetable in its own right. With a perfect hint of heat and fragrance .Delicious
It was gorgeous and I always wonder how so many people eat processed sandwiches that can often have terrible bread and not the right combinations and ration of fillings.Eating stuff like this is a real pleasure to the taste buds. I felt so happy every bite sensual. So filling so be warned, you may have to loosen a buckle on that belt before you can move.

Apart from eating we went to look at an installation in Selfridges Window that my daughter helped knit. Using grey cashmere they knit long thing strips and plaited them together . Its called The Chunky Knit. From the massive red ball of yarn emerges thick and thin planted strips wore as head wear, but i think the unfinished possibilities are very attractive .I stood back and came up with so many alternatives.
Its wonderful to be involved no matter how small in something that will be iconic .Every window in Selfridges evokes thoughts good or bad.I'm so pleased she has been part on it.She doesn't boast in fact she is very matter of fact about things and gets very embarassed if I talk about it, but I am her greatest fans I want to share a few of her achievements.She has had the privilege of creating exhibitions and exhibited in some great places .Just a few years ago at the Tate modern , Chris Ofili allowed her to have a painting of her own next to his and a synopsis of some of his work. No mother could be prouder. Seems she's might be heading on the right path.
Nothing like spending the day with my honeypies,for when I have one of those days of self doubt or a sense of lack of achievements I just have to think of them ,two of the best achievements I have ever


  1. Wow, what a post ... filling the stomach and the brain in one go.I share your opinion on Busaba, did you try any of their non alcoholic coctels ? Their guava collins is out of this world. Congratulations to you and your daughter on having her work exhibited at Selfridges. Creativity runs in the family.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, and the food sounds delicious. Congratulations on your daughter's window treatment installation! My first thought was - "It's very red!" :-)

  3. Beautiful flowers, nice tasty Thai food, excellent daughters, sounds like you had a great day out 'n' about.
    Congratulation's also to your daughter for her installation in the Selfridges Window I was looking at it earlier today, it looks great :)