Thursday, March 12, 2009

A colourful sweet day

Last week my friend and I went out for lunch,whenever we meet we always shop. We chat endlessly about everything , anything . There is something nice about shopping with a friend.We escape from all the stress of everyday things. We laugh so much, we can be found giggling just as we did when we where teenagers ,we buy way too much ,we wait for ages in queues, bookshops are a must.We love wool and crochet and we will do just about anything for good yarn.
We had lunch , above picture is of my lunch box ,delicious fresh and low fat sushi. I'm on a mission to lose weight Ive gained since being ill. Shopped in m&s for dinner came away with dried noodles,two packets of fresh stir fry vegetable with which I'd add King prawns garlic,ginger and soy, dotted with chilli oil .It was great fun everyone made their own. I'm so amazed how many people will buy frozen meals that need to be zapped in a microwave for 15 minutes, when in less time you could have a fresh full of flavour meal .No added preservatives. I'm proud we cook from scratch, cheaper and a whole lot nicer.
Any way,I didnt buy any sweet treats for myself ,I'm really pleased I didn't throw away all the hard work of those earlier days acclimatizing to healthier foods, smaller portions, just for a minute in my mouth and lands on my tum.
When I got home and emptied my bags I smiled as I laid out my stuff it suddenly dawned on me they all had a theme ,SWEETS. Pictures of licorice allsorts ,telly tots, colourful iced cupcakes, it also reminded me of Mrs Evans. Mrs Evans owned a dairy/general shop selling those essentials we can run out of, tiolet paper, milk, matches ,candles and other bits and bobs. It was all placed in paper bags, not a plastic bag in sight But, for all us children we loved the sweets, row upon row of colurful sweets,cola cubes, pineapple chunks, lemon herbet, toffees,pips, any of these could be yours for 10p,you would get a quarter, that was alot and make me very popular at school.
I've finished the shawl I will block and take photos of the finished piece.

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  1. Ooooh what lovely you have on the post. Yes, looks like a colourful sweet day indeed!

    Andrea Lynn@swap-bot