Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy week

When does a crochet addict have enough crochet hooks? I have quite a few but still I couldn't resist buying a few more these from eBay 8.99 a set .I'm sure you agree that it is a bargain that couldn't be resisted.
My friend Pepi made the lilac flower for me .It spurned me on to make a few of my own .These are so addictive .I' ve even made them in plastic bin liners (see below)
I've been crocheting with video tape it's really squeaky and sets my teeth on edge coupled with the fact it leaves a filmy residue it's not as fun as I thought it would be. My daughter has asked my to help her for an exhibition she is having. I'll write about it as soon as I'm allowed. The things we do for loved ones.

Found this the other day made this when I first learnt to crochet, I love I look at it and remember the joy I was filled with as I know I'd never stop crocheting.I have never looked back and crochet has enabled me not only to learn a new craft but share it and it has made me a new set of friends.


  1. I love the colors of your new crochet hooks. I also bought a set of Clover Soft Touch which was really nice.

  2. This is crstarlette from swap-bot. I have too many crochet hooks too. :)

  3. I bought me this set of hooks too. I love it, to crochet with it, it goes so easy.