Thursday, September 03, 2009

Grown up

I ordered a load of Paton's sorbet yarn from Kemps a bargain price of 79p a ball. I've been wanting to make a crocheted bag for years always putting if off. I wanted a cotton bag just because the stitch definition looks wonderful in cotton, but, I wanted to be able to wash it often as I would be using the bag often as I would be using it for the numerous projects I have on the go.
As ever always has so many photos to inspire me a granny a day group is one of my favourites .I'm always so happy after browsing through those gorgeous blends of colours that people put together. I love flickr , every time I leave the website I'm always telling myself I need a new camera or at least I should be trying to learn to use photoshop a bit more.Ive always wanted to be a better photographer I'm always staring at those you have proper photographic equipment around London taking shots that make me drool.
At the moment one of my favourite blogs is Attic24 her pictures are beautiful ,her blog is fun and full of colour and she inspires me, I've decided that as well as wanting to be a paid crocheter/knitter I want to be a fabulous photographer all this I decided to do when I grow up, does anyone know when that will be???


  1. I like your caterpillar cotton color spread, a funny way to get color coordination to work. That bag its looking good.
    I feel the same after seen Attic24 fotos, they are so full of color and detail. In the meantime I have fun playing at being a photographer.

  2. Love the flowers they look great all next to each other