Sunday, September 06, 2009

Golden ticket

Nezumi and I strolled down to Waterloo to buy our tickets for the iknit weekender event . Look at all the goodies on offer. I walked round stroking, looking at all the books .It's a fantastic way to spent an hour or two.
The shop is roomy,yet its so cosy. I really like the layout. I think I was ill on that day as I come out without any yarn, can you believe it? . I have my golden ticket .Members of my crochet group and I will meet for coffee .I'm really looking forward to it as I haven't had a meetup for awhile.

As ever, I walk with my camera but always manage to forget to take pictures of where ever we end up. The shop is on lower marsh street and it has a really lovely feel to it . There were stalls outside all serving fast food, not chips and burger variety but good homecooked food.I spotted mexican,thai, indian. All of which smelt delicious. I do recommend you pop down there.

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