Thursday, February 05, 2009


Check out the two little boys with one hell of a snow ball

I'm sure almost everyone has taken a snapshot of the snow, pictures taken by his highness aren't they superb. There really is something quite magical about the snow. My daughters school and uni were closed, his highness couldn't get in to work. I watched them all put on boots coats ,hats mittens so quickly, they were going to have a snowball fight.
It was a lovely day as everyone in London at some point of the day touched the pure white snow united in that one single act. All thoughts of the credit crunch forgotten for a while, men become boys,women into girls playing in the snow. It just goes to show the best things in life are free.


  1. Magical, unreal, dreamy and eerie and that is only your photos. Reality was even better. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. The website for the promotional stuff is They send you lots of offers for free stuff if you sign up. Love the snowy pics. Snow here too today.

  3. What lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Please check out my blog...

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  4. Wow, Helda, it looks pretty. I didn't even think of putting my snow pics on my blog. lol

    you've been tagged with the 6th picture tag.... go peek at my blog for instructions

  5. These are really beautiful photos! We don't get snow in Central Texas very often, so I love seeing pics like this.

  6. Oh my! Snow! I have never seen such a lot of snow in person :-)

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