Saturday, February 07, 2009

One flew over the cuckoos nest

(Photos are in the wrong order cant seem to upload them )As ever, we always think about food some delicious,spinach,tomato ,parmesan pasta. The best part of trips away is the joy of good food.
These are the most beautiful glass earrings, picture does convey the colours .

Not sure what that sausage is all about.

My daughter and uni flew out to florence for the trade show, a hectic weekend for her. This made me sad because usually travel together but also it indicates that she is all grown up.We missed her so much .We couldnt wait to pick her up.We stood at this point for ages before we realised we should have been waiting at the international point, we are usually the travellers ,so this was a new experience. Its such a great feeling to see someone you love returning in one piece,with fingers and toes intact. Kisses and hugs before a detailed day by day account. Its moments like this that make me feel so blessed about being a mum.

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