Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dying to dye

Ive been playing with yarn for more than 20 years. I have learnt to do so much with this joyous medium, the one thing I've always wanted to do was learn to dye yarn. I drool daily at all the beautiful hand dyed and hand painted skeins of yarn but I have never tried my hand at it.So you can image my pleasure when the opportunity arrived.
B.A.C,E,S had a course which included learning to dye.Class starts at ten I arrived at 9.15 and yes, I was the first to arrive . The day was such fun. There is something about playing with water and paints that seems to bring out the child in us all. The alchemy took over and suddenly my undyed yarn became things of great joy.
It really isn't has hard as I'd imaged ,which I was hoping it would be then at least I would not be adding dyes and fixers and lots of undyed yarn to my ever bulging yarn shopping trolley.Word of warning do remember to put your gloves on when washing out the dyes , I had really evil looking fingers all day long. I can't wait to really get stuck in at home .I will as ever keep you posted.
Happy Easter!!!!

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