Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm one of lifes people who cant sit still , if I am still I'm either crocheting, knitting, reading, eating,and blogging not that you'd notice from the lack of activity on my blogs. I take photos of interesting moments upload them and its here they often remain.In the picture waiting room. Last weekend I was tired and a little crabby .I'd had the pleasure of hours of food shopping ,I'm being sarcastic, I hate the weekly shop, nothing gets me down more than toilet paper, bleach and other stuffs. My other half had a remedy, I wasn't too sure as one of his last remedies involved Man u ,wide screen, wine, enough said I think.

However as you can see last Saturday was a really lovely day,we boarded a boat and had a few drinks and enjoyed the weather and the beautiful surroundings. Exactly what the doctor had ordered just for a couple of hours we were a couple enjoying each others company, having a normal conversation so much nicer than 'Have we run out of olive oil' ,don't you agree.
All the way home I smiled secretly I didnt want the happiness and the surprise element to end .Weeks earlier my latest installment from alice had arrived, as I have been busy finishing other projects I didn't open the shiny silver packet,beneath which a layer or two of pink tissue paper from the fabulous socktopus sock club .I still have no idea how it managed to remain intact for so long, but it did and boy oh boy when it was finally ripped open heaven was on my lap
Isn't it simply beautiful Alice surprises us so very well . The yarn reminds me of blue skies, mushrooms , marshmallows, simply beautiful, I would never have chosen it. The club challenges your ideas of "what colours go together" I love it . I'm signed up for next year. I must add I'm not a reaaly good sock maker ,I joined for the challenge of different ways to make them ,toe up,on two circular needles,cuff down, so far I've only managed to make 2. This is number 5 , I'm not afraid to admit I'm not even going to make them all up, I just want the gifts and beautiful skeins of yarn, who could blame me.
The blue thing was a real surprise a little box that opens into little boxes that hold all manor of useful knit bits A thread cutter, a plastic sewing up needle, post it notes, a harmony cable needle which is nice and short and has cunning little grooves in it to hold the stitches without stabbing your hand, blue marking tape, little stitch marker elastics and coil-less safety pins. A great cant be without it. All of these things combined made a really lovely day, even blogging about it makes me smile.

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