Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A packet of polo's

Originally uploaded by Andrew Pescod.
Monday could not have passed quick enough for me. My friends mum had died a few weeks ago she was buried on monday.
It was a really beautiful day ,sounds like a contradiction calling the day of a funeral beautiful, but it was really beautiful blue sky kind of day.

You are in a church filled with long seen friends all of whom are thinking about our own mortality,we make mental notes to call our nearest and dearest more. We squeeze the hands of partners who a few days before were' £$$%%^, 'today however, we are just so glad they are with us .All those things we should have said or done are pushed to the front. Guilt, remorse,love ,hate There is nothing quite so sobering as a funeral.

People die every day and yet you try and find entries on blogs about a funeral and you'd be hard pushed. I had no idea what would be a fitting photo. Until I found this photo of a packet of polo's When talking about her mum she said that there were three things Ena enjoyed ;
a good cup of tea,
ITV 1,
and yes you guessed it a packet of polos.
So Ena this one is for you.

Photo curtesy of flickr

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