Sunday, October 12, 2008

January 9th Crochet calendar 2009

I attended this years Alexander Palace Stitching and crafting show (I have quite alot of pictures to upload) A friend shared her secret self help tip, '

'At the end of every day write down one thing that you are happy about .''

That thought remained all day.I came up with a few things I'm really happy about, that way I could read this entry and feel a sense of achievement when things are not going my way. So far 2008 has been a year of achievements for me .The birth of The London Crochet meet up . I have ventured into the world of pod casting The London Crochet Cast ( yes, I know I haven't had a show recently but I will ) I have also written an article for the fabulous online magazine The Inside Loop and now I have had a pattern published.

Being an absolute nut for books, as a child I was always found in a book. I loved all the great childhood classics later it could range from humour, horror, never science fiction,even mothers romance ,lately self help, alternative therapies, tons and tons of crochet and knitting not to mention blogs, I read a hell of alot of those.Whatever I did or do in my life I'd read about .So having a pattern published in the calendar has made my day .It was always something I've dreamt of.

I created the scarf for my brother .It is a very quick and simple pattern using a bobble stitch. I have had a great fondness for bobbles ever since I made a bobble bag a few years ago, (its in the blog just cant find the entry).The yarn I used is space dyed it makes the scarf look like it has taken a great deal of time and effort, when in fact its so quick . The colours are quite muted, very earthy but the stripes of beige/yellow adds a vibrancy to it. He's been wearing it, that for me means alot, no greater compliment than that.
Apologises for the picture .This is my first blog entry on my new 4g , 320 hard drive, multimedia laptop, its so fast and I love it already.

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  1. Congratulation on being published. I like your friend's tip, its so uplifting.