Saturday, October 25, 2008

A spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down.

Mary Poppins is right ,a spoonful of sugar does make the medicine go down.Sugar was disguised as wool,books filled with woolly bits and a shop filled with cute useful,and the not so useful, a knitted cactus being one. I spent the day with my great friend doing some retail therapy, we had a great day.
Look at all those beautiful skeins of yarn. Unbelievably ,with all these gorgeous ball so yarn I have been seduced by wait for it..ACRYLIC, yes that's right acrylic. I haven't used that stuff in more than 17 years. They were all the rage when I did my city and guilds machine knitting.They came on cones and as a student it was cheap.I have always been a bit of yarn snob, I love the finer stuff if you gave me acrylic for a free,I'd say no ta, Yet, today I have no idea what happened but I ended up with 12 balls of the stuff. It feels so soft and silk I really like it . In my defence, I have been to the doctors recently and I have high blood pressure, it seems to be affecting my judgement ,I must be really ill ,still cant quite believe I bought acrylic I'll photograph it later .Moments like those have to have a pictureI must say I'm finding it really hard to take photos of all my purchases .I still haven't taken photos of my ally pally purchases .I'm hopeless.

Buzz makes her shop so inviting ,its a real aladdin's cave filled with treasures,the selection of buttons. Its just around the corner near enough for my next fix of...... god I hope it's not acrylic.


  1. Never say never, comes to mind. Which shop was by the way, judging by your photos it must be "All the fun on the fair". Still I am not completely sure. I can wait to see your photos from Ally Pally as I didn't go. These days I am on a self-impose yarn diet, my stash has to go down somehow,as its already difficult to enter my spare room.

  2. Oh, so tempting!

    Happy blogoversary!