Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I love autumn,apart from the gorgeous changes in nature I love knitting/crocheting with all my woollen fibres, as well as all that I love baking .The top two photos are two cakes one baked on Monday packed with pureed fruit and cherries .The second a banana cake with flaked almonds,delicious I'm told .They look very similar but the texture of the fruit filled one was so dense and very cakey.The banana cake much lighter,soft. The colours are very similar I used dark muscovado sugar, you can always ring changes by changing sugar.
I have been baking lots of cakes and not eating them. Not sure, if i should write that but it isn't because I don't like them but its more about making the family feel so happy when I put a slice on cake next to them while they do whatever it is we all do in the evenings. Ahh Autumn, its so wonderful .I'm off to check todays dinner smoked mackerel dauphinose and a side of spinach.

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  1. Banana cake with flaked almonds also makes me think also of autumn & winter delicious, comfort food for the cold weather. Luckly family :)