Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Despite the lack of completed projects I have been very busy crocheting.Ravelry seems to have taken away my time to block, read, knit,crochet I have 6 items that need washing and blocking. I have learnt that blocking is not one of my favourites things to do.

I have been desperate to get hold of blocking wires, Ravelry had a thread that suggested quite a few alternative products to use .One of those was a set of foam puzzle.Its a big foam jigsaw that once you joined the jigsaw it is a great blocking surface. I managed to get hold of one at a car boot .They were boxed used two or three times.Guess how much I paid...... 1.00 yes one pound. In between crochet Ive been making these cute brooches when I ought to be finishing stuff . Aren't they cute?

Im off out its so busy here


  1. The yarn 'n' needle brooches are very cute :)

  2. Don't worry about not finishing stuff, because the brooches are worth it.
    Let's call them diverting brooches.

    I should know as I do it often enough, start and finish an small project instead of finishing other things that I ought to be doing but don't appeal.

  3. Ooo... You could make something that looks similar to be eaten in bentos - spaghetti or noodles on mini knitting sticks! ;-) Love the brooches!

  4. Hello

    Love the photo - vey cute.

    from Blog-swap-bot

  5. Those are really neat looking. Wow, you are talented.


  6. I love brooches! So cute, great job on them! Crochet is love! :)

    (provadia - swap-bot)