Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iknit weekender

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Last friday and saturday was the iknit weekender. A weekender to beat all show, two days of workshops, fashion shows , and of course the highlight of it all is you can shop till you drop.

I attended last years show it was absolutely packed and we queued for along time in the rain.This year my friend and I decided to leave home early to try and avoid the queues.We neednot have bothered we sailed in.My initial reaction was the shopping area was much smaller . A few of my fave shops loop, socktopus, and all the fun of the fair, plus purlescence were not there.

Having said that there wasn't any shortage of yarn. I am a very happy bunny as I managed to finally get hold of the much coveted mini mochi yarn some 16 balls of assorted colours. It is incredibly soft and the colourways are simply stunning.

We had not booked any of the shows on offer choosing instead to shop and say hello to friends .I stroked and squeezed so many skeins of yarn. Fabulous colours and so soft. I met the world holder of fastest knitter in the world and yes, she is incredibly fast.. Everyone was so friendly and happy all of us high on yarn fumes.

It was very quiet ,people were a bit thin on the ground, but it made perfect shopping conditions .Ample space to shop, the queue to pay was never long and you could really talk to the vendors ,which was a complete contrast to last year's event.

The Iknit team deserve a big pat on the shoulders for organising the event .All in all I had a great time and the best is yet to come as I have so many delightful yarn., to play with. It should keep me going, that is ,until Alexander Palace.

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