Friday, April 04, 2008

Crochet meet up

I had a crochet meet up last night. I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I am always so happy to go meetups , life is so hectic and filled with so many not so nice bits ( queues, I hate telephone queues and the awful music they insist on playing to help the time pass.) its so great to meet like minded people.Everyone who comes to the meet up offers something to the group. I'm always inspired and always come away with new ideas and more importantly new friends.

A great time was had by all . These photos are some of the examples of work we are all doing. the above photos is Michelles balls of yarn, she making granny squares and it might be a bag, cushion,or throw. She was also sewing the arms on her cute amigurumi cat.

Just in the background ,you can see early stages of a gorgeous cardigan made by another newbie Alison. Alison learnt to crochet recently after having lessons . I love her confidence shes very good as I dont think I would have been confident to take on a cardigan with a yoke as an early introduction to crochet.I would have been so scared. It will be lovely when finished .

Meet ups are so satisfying and really helpful. I've finished my stash busting ripple double bed sized blanket ,however I've recently purchased a new bed and its superking sized. I had trouble trying to figure out how I'd expand on the blanket. The group have all offered so many solutions and now I'm working on the expansion part .So thank you guys.

This photo is the completed rose brooch that Pepi a new member had made. She' s a very accomplished crocheter and knitter. She was also making a bag from a free pattern on crochet me. I really enjoyed her company. Pepi blog is It is in spanish but you can use babel to translate.
This is the beginning of the final sleeve for johannes kimono styled cardigan. I find Johannes work very inspiring she is an accomplished designer of crochet, knitting and makes beautiful clothes. She made her coat and matching bag. The amazing thing for me is that she makes them without patterns .She is so talented. I look forward to her coming to the group as she always has an amusing tale and I love her work.
This is the work of Neila, she is very interested in the hyperbolic crochet coral reef and is keen to do some work. Neila is from France and she loves crochet. She has become a good friend and I love her work .Shes nearly completed a crochet blanket .I for one cant wait to see the end product.

The final member of the group was Lee-ann another newbie who patiently worked with me. She is now able to complete chains, double crochet,htr she has mastered them very well.I hope she found the lesson clear and I hope shes not confused when she goes home. She is also a keen cook so we also have a love of food as another interest. Thats the beauty of the meet ups of course we talk about yarn and crochet, but so often we discuss some many things. Its great fun and I hope we have many more evenings together.


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  2. It was great to see such a display of creativity.