Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mittens and meet up

Ive been making mittens . I found this delightful quick and easy pattern on ravelry I cant stop making them .The patterns is so quick and easy. The black pair are made in Debbie bliss cashmerino chunky. Very thick and warm. every once in awhile you come across a pattern you know you'll use time and time again and you wonder what you did before you found it .For me , this is one of those patterns
This pair are made in Adrialfil knitcol , this yarn is very soft 100% virgin merino(that's what is written on label

This yarn is from Kraemar . IT yarn has an unusual composition 63% merino,20% silk, 15% nylon and 2% sterling silver.You'd think the silver would make the yarn scratchy but it isnt. It's lovely to handle, crochets like a dream. I bought a few skeins from iknit london. It comes in a great range of colours.

Last Thursday we had a crochet meet up. It was such fun being with friends old and new. Numbers were high . As ever time flies by . Projects ranged from a granny square blanket, scarves, brooches, crochet in the round and one of those ami....... Japanese crochet toys.
I think I helped five people to crochet , one of whom was left- handed. I found it quite a challenge, you never really think how left handers hold yarn or the direction in which they crochet. It was a real eye opener and great fun, luckily for me the lady in question picked it up really quickly and left happy.
Ive forgotten how nice it feels to help spread the love of crochet to new members.It is wonderful talking about yarn, hooks, projects, most of our members are as passionate about crochet as I am. Our friendships develop so quickly as we all have one common denominator, Crochet. Starting the group was one of the best things Ive ever done. I have made some great friends and by the end of every meet up Ive added a few more. Im always inspired. It was a great way to end the week.

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  1. very cool mittens, I may try making them as well. Love the purple ones!