Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The never to be made crochet blanket

I started making these motifs over a year ago ,and boy have I made loads approx 300 motifs for my superking sized bed.It didnt take very long to make them however, I cant for the life of me motivate myself too join them up. Ive decorated my bathroom not to long ago white walls ,sexy pink towels . I decided to use 24 motifs to make this bathroom mat.Its very absorbent and washes like a dream.Ive decided to add somemore motifs just to make it a bit bigger. Im not sure what im going to do with the rest of them,but all I do know is no way in hell am I going join them to make my dream blanket


  1. How do you join them? I always crochet them together, it's much more painless, then sewing. It's too bad, but I understand completely! It's a nice bath mat though. :o)

  2. The colours and texture look good against the white bath.
    I can understand you, if there is something I dislike is the assembling, ufff.

  3. Ideas:
    - make more bath mats and sell them
    - make scarves (and sell them)
    - make a hat

    Good luck!