Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Inside Crochet issue 101

Hello lovely people,
I hope you are sitting in the garden sipping something cooling and refreshing. I have taken to drinking cucumber water, I blend cucumbers and filter it so I only get the juice, no pulp . I top up with sparkling water , loads of ice .

We had some glorious weather this  bank holiday weekend and i had a wonderful time barbecuing loads , a day trip to my favourite place, Brighton beach and spent another day at the park sitting on folding chairs ,surrounding by beautiful rose bushes that are promising some glorious colour shortly. 

For those who don't know Brighton is a pebbled beach no sand in sight but it never stops it being packed.

Regents Park

But today its back to reality and this morning Ive  cooked dinner for tonight , cleaned the bathroom thoroughly, sorted out the laundry .all manner of boring jobs done. Now, its time to sit with coffee and catch up with all the things you have been getting up too. .

I have two patterns published in this month's Inside Crochet . We are Issue 101. Goodness me I do love the styling . It just makes everything come to life. My daisy chain and flowers in your hairband , it can be worn in many different ways, twisted round an up do, like a crown or even as a necklace. why not try  it hanging as bunting .It is so easy as so versatile.

 These ballet inspired pair of slippers are perfect for all of us . I am  rather fond on laying on my bed with these on .I also wear  ones without the ribbons around the house when you don't want slippers but its its a still a bit too cold to go barefoot.  I  put a  few blobs of a product called Sock Stop .I bought mine from Wild and Wooly . As the name suggests it stops socks from slipping on all those wooden floors and slippery surfaces. Its a really good product I highly recommend. Both these patterns are available at the Inside crochet website and all major supermarkets and newsagent.

 I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with some pastel shades of  cotton, crochet hook in hand  making all the crochet flowers for both designs  . I used Scheepjes Catona ,10g balls  . They come  in a large variety of colours. They are so affordable and the size makes it perfect for smaller projects. 

Scheepjes kindly provided me with the yarn for this project but I can thoroughly recommend a lady I found through Instagram who I buy alot of scheepjes yarn from . Her name is Lusciously loopy and she is my go to lady when I feel the need to buy myself some yarn. This usually happens in the wee hours of the night.

 Incidentally, if you have not started using Instagram as a social platform do at least search for yarn sellers  or products you are looking for . You will be really surprised. Its filled with really caring independent people who really value your custom. I have found so many people on it and I really am glad I did.

Right, must go I have to clean the fridge out, Yes, I know I lead such a blooming exciting life. speak soon

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  1. Love those slippers, they would make great gifts for my Grandaughters.