Friday, June 08, 2018

Skein queen purchases

 Hello Lovely people ,
Here in London we are having some glorious weather the roses are blooming

I am on a yarn ban , so when I heard that skein Queen was having a trunk show at Nest Yarn shop i knew I could not go .
 I am on a yarn ban . So I knew I couldn't go .Notice I repeated that phrase .

I spent all morning making myself busy .The Mr suggested we go for a drive to get out for a bit,not sure where we will go he said. Honestly the next bit I'm not making up,I dont mention the yarn shop  I dont live near the shop, but suddenly we drove three streets away from the shop .Of course it was fate. I had no choice I had to pop in .
 I was determined to buy just one ball , after all i'm a grown woman I can walk away from a yarn shop with only one ball . Haha i hear you cackle

 You are of course correct the mission was a complete and utter failure. I mean how on earth do you walk away from these incredible works of art. I have in fact finished two designs , sent them off yesterday . Such was my excitement  about the colours and fibers I came home and wound them into balls and I knew what they where destined for.
Gorgeous right?????

 This grey yarn is currenly on my hook but Im not sure I like it. I find the pooling of white bits jar with me a bit .I think this might become a knitting yarn. Ive blurred it in case I decide to send it off as a design

Finally , these three are just divine . I really have a thing for yellow so that simply had to come home with me . No plans for these three but i know it wont be long before they are wound into balls .
Can you believe it is june already?????


  1. I don't think I would have been able to walk past either, such wonderful yarn.

  2. Seriously there was not way you could leave the store without that beautiful yarn. I love it, And I find the gray to be so beautiful, but that is my color of choice. If it makes you feel better I bought yarn while on my trip to NYC, vacation yarns doesn't count does it?