Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Inside crochet issue 81 ,Granny square shopper

Hello dear friends.
I hope you are all well. Did you have a good summer? I did but my goodness summer has whizzed by and autumn  my favourite season ,is upon us. I truly love the colder seasons I guess that's the reason I love yarn. Nothing makes me happier then putting away the light cottons ,linens of spring and summer and delving into my beautiful wintery yarns. 
We have had a very busy time my youngest daughter graduated in politics. I am a very proud mother of two graduates. My work here is done. (I am doing a mini dance.) I am so proud of them both. My parents really stressed that to survive in this world you should either have a trade/skill or you get  a educated, so your earning potential is much better and the opportunities abroad would be better for you. My parents were right, my giddy aunt , you know you are getting old when you start to  think all your parents advice was right.
 This month's Inside Crochet Magazine is out. Once again I am thrilled that my design is one of the many fabulous designs featured.  even after all this time I still have to pinch myself when I see the  magazine everywhere in supermarkets , newsagents. I don't think I will ever get used to it. I think that the time I get blasé about it ,it might be time to give up. I love what do.

My granny square shopper uses double knit cotton . I get great pleasure taking the old craft of crochet  and adding my own  modern contemporary touch. The bright yellow faux handles are not only beautiful but they are practical .The bag is lined making the bag very sturdy. However, if I am honest I really  struggled with the lining I am not the best at sewing . The amount of times I have said I ought to enrol on a sewing course but I never seem to find the time.
Goodness me , I do love the styling .It always gives my designs a life, does that make sense ? I know a bag is inanimate object but when its features in different surroundings it becomes animate, I promise I am not drinking wine, hehe, Its just how I feel about the right kind of styling.

For instance, I designed the bag because I got fed up with being charged for a carrier bag, I designed a pretty practical bag that I would not forget. If this bag was styled at the supermarket till It wouldn't be as pretty as the styling above, see what I mean ?
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  1. I think your bag will be a big hit and will brighten up anyone's shopping day!

  2. What a lovely bag, Helda. Another beautiful and useful crochet design from you!

  3. Great bag, love the bright, vibrant colours. Keep on designing. Xx

  4. The bag is incredible my friend. Well done.

  5. The bag is stunning ♥