Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yarndale 2016

Presenting the famous crochet bunting.
Hello my loves, hope you are well. As for me I am deliriously happy I managed to go to Yarndale. It is in Skipton, North Yorkshire. I live in London 268 miles away from the event.  I always wanted to go but it always seemed so far away .The night before I casually mentioned to the Mr if he consider driving me there . I was actually expecting him to say no but the man from delmonte said yes.
I am sure you know at this point I nearly jumped up and down. I set about organising packed lunch and packed an overnight bag .We decided we would spent the night .
We set off at 7am leaving enough time for toilet stops and coffee breaks. I love the motorway to see the scenery change .You certainly know you are in the land of wool simply by the amount of sheep in almost every field . It so great leaving the hustle and bustle of London for the dreamy landscapes.

Whoopee, Im in . At this point I feel like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the chocolate factory, my golden ticket is this wrist band. I walked through the gate and wow .I am totally blown away. The planning I had done in the car suddenly went out of the window .I became that child in a sweet aisle.

Can you feel it ??? the sheer excitement of being here. I set off looking for the yarndale merchandise stall .first thing a lady shopping needs is a yarndale bag. am I allowed to skip ???
        Bag purchased and two pens. You can never have too many pens don't you agree?


Beautful  Knit by numbers yarn .A gorgous rainbows of colour from the fabulous John Arbon Mill

midwinter yarns

                                                  The yarndale sheep

I visited the Inside Crochet team

And of course it would not be Yarndale without another picture of the delightful bunting. these are just a few of the pictures I took a lot . I haven't taken a picture of what I bought yet they are sitting happily in my bag .I like to save looking at it on one of those bleak days when I need cheering up . As soon as I do I promise I will share .
Have a lovely day .


  1. Certainly looks amazing, I am much closer than you and yet still haven't made it there. Go on share the goodies, let us see inside the beautiful bag.

  2. How exciting, I have never been but I plan too one year. I have had a bit of a blog catch up here and have enjoyed the mood boards. Jo x

  3. I know what you mean about feeling like a child in a sweet shop, I found it quite overwhelming the first time I went, it's just so huge and there's so much to see. I hardly bought anything that year, you can have too much choice sometimes. I can't wait to see what you bought. Did you get any of that Knit by Numbers yarn? I was considering some of that but left it behind in the end.

  4. Glad you had a great time!! xx

  5. It just looks like such a wonderful event. I am so glad you had a wonderful time.

  6. Glad you could make it. Setting off at 7, was nearly as early as me. I caught the 0758 from Langwathby and traveled on the Settle-Carlisle rail line. It's becoming an annual treat for me. I have the bag, so restrict myself to a badge only.

  7. Doesn't look like there was a lot of room for skipping :) but I can just imagine your excitement of being there. Your hubby gets a gold star for saying yes to the overnight trip.

  8. Feeling a bit jealous here, what a wonderful place. And the crochet bunting is really fab.

  9. Isn't it brilliant there, I unfortunately missed it this year. Glad you enjoyed yourself!