Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inside crochet Issue 76, Boules Necklace

  My my. the weather is so lovely today. I  am sitting outside the coffee shop writing on my ipad enjoying  this beautiful spring day. Being outside having a latte in the sun makes me feel happier. It always feels like I'm holiday. I hope it is warming up where you are.
 Hello mu loves,
I have no idea where time is going, I still can't believe it is April. Easter whizzed by so quickly. I am sorry that I have not been visiting all your blogs , life just gets in the way. As ever I am knee deep in designs and I am also in the middle of having a  deep spring clean. I bought a new bed side table and cleared out the old one, I found a bill in there from 1998, I mean why in god's name would you have a bill that old in my file of paid current bills. Please, tell me I am not the only one.??????

Once I started clearing out I decided I should  tackle the other things on my to do list and 6 black bin bags later . I feel a wee bit better, Decluttering is a wonderful tonic. Plus, it means I now have more space for more yarn, hahaha. In my defence I am a designer, it is all totally work related. Well that is what I tell others, you dear friends know the truth. I simply love yarn and need to be surrounded by the stuff , it comforts me.
 I am very happy to share my latest published design in this month's Inside Crochet.  It is called The Boules necklace ,Inspired after  playing boules with my grandson. We used a colourful children's version .We had great fun .I am finding lots of inspiration seems to be coming from playing with the little one. I am constantly  surrounded with bright and beautiful colours , it is wonderful to see the joy colours can bring. It reminds me how much I do enjoy working with colours . A day with him always results in a new colour combination and design ideas.

 If you are ever stuck for colour ideas I suggest you get a packet of pencils and simply play around. Or get out your balls of yarn make a five round  granny square using colours you normally wouldn't use and try and be random about it , I promise you will be surprised at your results.
I think this pattern is great for those small balls of yarn we all have .I used double knit cotton. I am making one in beautiful blue gradient colours for my jean loving youngest daughter, and a neutral shaded one for myself .The possibilities are endless.
It has suddenly cooled right down, I am off  home to make dinner, tonight I am making a seafood linguine. I  also have some large scallops that I will sizzle in some butter noisette , squeeze of lime .Nom nom.
Have a lovely evening
What are you having for dinner?
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  1. Love the beautiful array of colours you have chosen for the necklace and the pearls at the end make it appear quite opulent.

  2. That is so pretty, the colours are just right for spring.
    I think most people have a hoarding drawer in the kitchen full of pieces of paper that were so important to keep when they went in there but trivial when you eventually turf them out. We too have bedside drawers that on one side of the bed contains someones (not naming!) filing system and in those on the other side someones more organized nick nacks but if I'm honest even they could definitely do with a clear out.
    Good luck with your spring clean!

  3. That's so lovely, like a little rainbow hanging round your neck. My decluttering is an ongoing task, it's taking ages but every single cupboard and drawer is getting a good clear out, I can't wait to be at the end of it all.

  4. Amazing pattern! I am in love with it, you did a great job.

  5. This lovely, indeed like a rainbow.

  6. Ah, a good decluttering is as good as a holiday. Great to see one of your patterns in Inside Crochet again. I will be giving it a go. I have some variegated cotton which might give a different look.
    Sandra xx