Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear friends ,
 it seems I've finally got rid of the pesky flu ,I'm still coughing but at less it isn't constant. It's Good Friday  I'm not deeply religious ,but my mum is a devout Catholic . She rang last night to remind me to tell the family not to eat meat today , she does this every year I'm not sure why she seems to think I'm not going to observe this rule that has been ingrained in my life forever. It's sweet really I think she thinks I'm still a little girl .

My my ,what a beautiful sunny morning .We started the day with smoked salmon and eggs with delicious hazelnut coffee. It will end today with good old fish n chips . Haddock for me with freshly made tartare sauce and lemon . I'm spending the day blogging , catching up with your blogs and some hooky goodness tonight .
Lately I have been feeling desperate to work with pastel colours . It's something I've never felt drawn to in the past . Even when my daughter was expecting I didn't make a thing in the usual pastel tones ,rather, I plumped on a vivid rainbow coloured blanket using my Catherine pattern.

I spotted this yarn on Instagram ,it's  from the three bears yarn website . It's cotton called affection. It is a double knit . 

. I'm not going to lie I did struggle with the pastel tones ,a life time of not using pastel colours  is difficult to overcome. I'm one who prefers deeper tones but  I persevered .I once again settled on my Catherine pattern , I think it looks rather good, don't you ? 
Two rows of pastel followed by a row of white breaks it all up and makes it harmonious and pleasing to my eye . I love the undulating pattern , it's very addictive . I think I'm warming to the pastel shades, incidentally , my Catherine pattern is available  on Ravelry if you go to my side bar you can ether click on the image or go to 'buy my designs on Ravelry sign ' at the very top of my blog .
 I leave you with this cute image from Pinterest . Wishing you a very Happy Easter .


  1. Wishing you a Happy Easter too, hope you feel better soon. Love the pastel shades you are working on, the pattern is delightful.

  2. Happy Easter! I think Mother's think their children are young no matter what age they are. I am not drawn to pastels either, even when making baby things I am often using more "adult" colors. So glad you are feeling better.

  3. Gorgeous yarn! Glad to hear you're improving. Happy Easter!

  4. Very pretty yarn. Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Helda, I love the look of your blanket, such a pretty pattern. Funnily enough I'm just about to start on a sort of ripple pattern myself for a scarf.

    I understand your reluctance about pastels, I feel the same, preferring brighter colours!

    I was convinced I had left you a comment on the last post about the satchel!!! It caught my eye when I opened that crochet magazine! Lovely design!!!

    Hope you're feeling much better!
    Love, Ingrid xx