Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Postman always ring twice

I'm smiling right now, the postman has just delivered a new parcel of yarn, if you believe in coincidences how's this, it happened to be the same postman that delivered my last parcel from Germany yarn company ,way back in May 2013. silly I know , but it didn't half make me chuckle.

47 balls of my favourite cotton.  Over the last few days I have been looking at some of my work and I shared with you in the last post my shawl that I made with this stuff. I had quite a lot of leftovers that I decided to make my grandson a blanket I have just finishing the border and he is using it as we speak .I will share photos but this parcel has got me in a tizzy.

 I have a Mr that  has only ever wears a  Navy, black, brown scarfs and he always asks me to make him an entire scarf in one colour .For us that love yarn ,love colour I cant find anything more soul destroying and mundane as working in one colour. Needless to say I don't  make him very much.

Anyway, the Mr  said that my shawl is so nice if I made it the minus all the really bright colours, definitely no pink and he didn't want a flower motif,  he would like one. Yes, he actually said he would wear  a granny square scarf with colour. Well, you can knock me down with a feather. One thing leads to another and before he changes his mind I decided to visit the website and what do you know they have a sale. Catania yarn from here.

            47 balls , I settled on these sets for him I will be adding a bit of yellow to warm it up, but don't tell him .

I decide to buy most of the colours because, well you just have to have the lot don't you??.A rainbow isn't complete without every colour. I am so excited I have taken out my fancy pants camera .I bought it a few years back I rarely use it now as we all seem to use  camera phones. However, there is no denying it takes fab photos. The top two picture are from my phone ,the rest are taken with my camera.

                                          I love the clarity , I think I  will start using it again. Right , I'm off to get some granny square inspiration. Have a lovely day.


  1. How exciting there is nothing like the feeling of a parcel with loads of yarn, it looks amazing some truly beautiful colours. Enjoy.

  2. What a lot of yarn and lovely colours. Have fun using it all. Have a good weekend!

  3. You are going to make him so happy. Love all the beautiful colors of your new yarn.

  4. How lucky you are - sooo much wonderful yarn! I really like to work with this cotton too and have several balls in my stash. :) Great quality for a great prize!

    Your husband will love the new scarf!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  5. Hi Helda! What a wonderful Catania rainbow!!! I also love this yarn. Thanks for the link to the German webshop, I have saved it! Might come in useful...

    Ingrid xx

  6. Wow such a lot of gorgeous yarn, no wonder you are excited! How nice to be able to make your Mr a more colourful scarf this time......I am sure he will love it, and you won't have to ever make one-colour scarves again!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  7. Thank you for the link to the yarn supplier, that is a seriously good range of colours! I love working with cotton and quite often use it for things for the house or the children. My husband asked for a scarf in three thick stripes in yellow, blue and white (Leeds UTD colours) and it was the most boring thing I've ever crocheted. I hope your husband's scarf is a more enjoyable creation. :-) xx

  8. The yarn is beautiful - gorgeous colours. It's great your husband actually asked you to make something colourful!

  9. Now that really is a rainbow!