Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New blanket

Way back in October 2013, I bought some yarn from here. This yarn is the most delightful cotton ever. The colours are so mesmerizing I could just stare at them all day.

 I made my most favourite shawl ever, its a big thing  .I had made it to wear on the airplane as a shawl that would also be useful as a light blanket , however it is so heavy and too hot for the plane. I have ended up using it in the winter and it brightens those wet cold days.
 Gosh, I love this shawl. I adore the way the colours are so harmonious.Normally, I sit for hours trying to work out the best combinations for each square , it takes a lot of time  . With this one I simply put them in colour groups ie, shades/hues of blues, greens etc . With every completed square a smug smile was on my face.

                          I added the same pom pom edging I used for my Houndstooth scarf .I love bobbles/ pompoms they are frivolous and fabulous

I was bought up in a roman catholic home .Mother was very insistent that we were roman catholics, sometimes parents can be such snobs .Whatever she called it  I really hated going to mass. I thought churches were very scary, it  was filled with creepy rituals and the very distinct smell from the thurible can still make me feel uncomfortable.
I recently looked at my shawl and it suddenly reminding me  of all the stain glass in all the churches, cathedrals I prayed at. The one thing I did enjoy in church were the wonderfully elaborate stained glass .I loved the way the sunlight on the glass would give of an incredible display of colour and in the evening the  same piece looked so different ,darker .
Even if you’re not a church goer ,not sure this is even a word??  it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of  Churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship .They are quite beautiful,
 Images  from google

I had quite a lot of yarn leftover from my shawl  I have decided to make a blanket from my grandson. It's a simple circle in the square motif. Every circle thrills me to make. Please excuse the grainy quality of these photos I took them on my phone .Once its finished I will of course share . I have decided to use the technique and make every  line hues of blue, green etc.

I have almost finished, a few more lines and then those blooming sewing in  of all the ends. I am curious to know if you sew all the ends as you go ,or are you like me , leave it  all to the end ?????
As soon as I've finished I will share it all, hope you had a lovely weekend


  1. I love your shawl. The colours are gorgeous and the pom-pom edging is fantastic. The new baby blankets is looking really lovely too. I leave all my end sewing-in to the end. It takes ages. As you know. I tried sewing them in as I went along once and then had to rip back a square or two and it was very difficult to do.

  2. Made with love for a precious baby, its looking fantastic with its beautiful range of colours. I try to sew as I go but sometimes get lazy and then curse when I have it to do at the end.

  3. Your shawl is so beautiful. I have always felt that squares like these look like stained glass. Whenever I look at the flowers in the snow blanket that I made for my daughter, I am always reminded of stained glass, or even millefiore glass.

  4. Wow, you have been so busy and what you have made is just so gorgeous. I love a beautiful stained glass window myself.

  5. Sewing the ends in for me is always a challenge. I do try to do them as I go along but I usually tend to to stray from that idea and end up with quite a few to do at the end.
    You've been very busy and your shawl is wonderful. Your grandson's blanket is looking great too.

  6. I also use that yarn and like yourself find the colours exciting! Both your shawl and the new blanket for your grandson looks wonderful and I can understand the association and similarity with the stained glass windows. Coincidentally I was brought up in a Roman Catholic family too and I detested going to mass. High mass (all that latin & ceremony)was so boring and the church was so cold! I remember I used to weave stories in my mind about the figures in the stained glass to distract myself. It was the only beauty I could find in that dismal place!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  7. Your new blanket is just gorgeous! I love pompom edges too :) Stained glass windows have always fascinated me and I love the effect of light shining through coloured glass.
    Happy new week!
    Helen xox

  8. Hi Helda, I love seeing your work, it's great to see we share the same love of colours!

    Ingrid xx